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    Who are we?

    We are minecrafts 3rd oldest server and the oldest challenge and parkour dedicated server in the world. Our map dates over 7.5 years and our server has had an uptime of 99%. We have over 250 challenges which will keep you occupied for months. All of our challenges have been created by our member base who have completed our hardcore maps. You yourself could one day be creating a challenge for our server if you ever achieve the green membership rank. For more information about zero.minr.org click here...

    More information below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the general rules?

See the rules on the Wiki.

How old is the server?

The server started on October 22nd, 2010. It has been online ever since with no wipe of the original map. We believe ourselves to be the oldest Minecraft server map still in use today.

I've been banned, how do I request to be unbanned?

The minr.org community takes bans very seriously. A lot of time and effort has been put into creating our niche community that has become truly one of a kind.

We treat each case fairly, but there are some things that will not be tolerated within our community.

When making a ban appeal, please provide as much information as possible. A well detailed appeal can greatly speed along the process.

Do not lie. The quickest way for your appeal to be denied is to lie to us. Our logs provide a reliable source of verification for the events surrounding your ban. We look far more favorably on those who are honest from the start.

If you wish you apply for a Ban Appeal you can select ban appeals from the top forum or alternatively click this link.

How do you rate a post on a thread?

When logged in, you should be able to rate a post using the buttons underneath the post.

Example on mobile:
It's almost identical on the non-mobile version.

How do I apply to become moderator/orange name?

You don't. You will have to get selected for this position.

How do I edit my ban appeal?

You cannot edit your ban appeal.
If you want to add more information, please reply to your own appeal.
Keep in mind that you have a maximum of 3 appeals.

Can I record my gameplay?

If you are playing a pure parkour map, you are free to record it and upload it.

How do I delete my forum account?

There is currently no way for a user to directly delete his or her account, though deleting forum accounts is possible through the admin panel. If anyone should want their forum account deleted, they should send a message to Chillers or Rickyboy320 to have it removed. If the reason is due to unwanted emails coming from the forums, there is the ability to change email accounts associated with the forum account, and this can be done by the user.

When I try to start a conversation, it says: "Enter a valid conversation title"

You most likely forgot to add a conversation subject on top of your message.

How do I private message another user?

Starting a private message is simple.

Simply click on "INBOX" and select "Start a New Conversation".


Alternatively you can also do this in the users profile of who you wish to start a conversation with.

You can invite multiple people to conversations.

What is Zero.minr.org?

Zero is a Maze/Parkour/Adventure Server. We are a large community of adventurists and players who like to think outside the box, our unique membership entry system (beating FFA and the HC levels) ensures that the quality of our members are some of the most dedicated and trustworthy in Minecraft.

Our Server has grown vastly in popularity and challenges. We have enough mazes, parkour and puzzles to keep you occupied for months.

We take membership very seriously and each individual is scanned before becoming a full member of the community. All of the challenges you play today are built by people who were once in the same boat as you.

We have intergrated our very own checkpoint and point system plugins to make your experience as enjoyable and less frustrating as possible.

How do I tag someone in a post?

Tag Example:


If you would like to tag people in your posts and alert them that you are posting about them simply add an @ symbol before typing their name. Whilst typing their name a popup will appear with suggested members. You can easily select the person you wish to tag or continue to manually type out their name. Example:


How do I connect to the game server?

Our IP address is zero.minr.org.

If you are new to Minecraft, use the following steps:
You need a Minecraft client and a valid user account.
Start the Minecraft client, login, click 'Multiplayer' then 'Add server' and enter this:
Server name : Zero
Server address : zero.minr.org
Click 'Done' and double-click the server to connect.

I was in Hardcore but accidentally set a checkpoint in FFA. Can I be teleported back?

Your checkpoint in Hardcore is separate from your FFA checkpoint. Use /checkpoint HC to switch between the two.

What perks do I get if I donate?

Donations are currently not available on the server, and never have been. If donations are ever opened, you will receive no perks for donating to the server. Donations are given by free will, you will not receive special treatment for doing so.

What types of map are there?

Maps are organized by main challenge types. These include Mazes, Parkour, Puzzles, Searches, and Adventures. If a map is primarily parkour, then it will be found in the Parkour section. However, many maps have different types of challenges. Within the main challenge sections, maps are divided into a 'mixed' section and a 'pure' section. In the mixed section the maps are a blend of at least two types, mainly starring the section's challenge type. Our goal here is to clarify what each type means, and in doing so, help you find the maps that you want to play.

Parkour is a main challenge type, as it is the most common challenge type we have on zero! Parkour consists of getting from A to B using a path that presents physical difficulty or danger to cross. The most common form is in jumps across gaps, but we also include falling sections where the goal is to land safely at the bottom of a large descent.

Maze is another main challenge type. Mazes are challenges of navigation through a series of branching paths. Most paths do not lead to the exit. Mazes typically allow you to backtrack, even if you find a dead-end. Mazes can be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional, have changing pathways, and have possibly no dead-ends but a bunch of loops instead.

Puzzles are a main challenge type. Puzzles require thinking beyond just finding an answer and applying it. Puzzles may require logic, deductive reasoning, and abstract thinking to be solved. They may come in the form of riddles, math problems, or clue sets. Most puzzles have defined rules, but some involve figuring out the essence of the challenge itself without anything said.

Searches are a main challenge type. Searches involve finding some sort of "key" to "unlock" the correct path. This may involve finding signs with answer information, or hitting buttons that briefly open access to other buttons, or looking for some sort of hidden trigger to a locked door. As this is more looking than solving, this has been created and separated from the Puzzle type. Both Puzzles and Searches share the same rooms.

Guesses are a sub-type, as no maps are pure Guess maps. Instead, Guess challenges are mixed in commonly with Mazes and Parkour. In a Guess challenge, the goal is to pick a correct path from a group of potential paths without any form of clues or insight. For this reason, Guesses are notorious for being time wasters, as it usually takes multiple tries to find the correct path. The punishment for choosing a wrong path is usually death or a large setback, and once committed to a path, there is no way to back out of it.

Mobs are a sub-type as well. Mobs are challenges where the threat of dying to hostile mobs is present. Sometimes the mobs are to be avoided entirely, sometimes you will have to get through a few mobs to progress, and sometimes it is required for you to kill all the mobs before advancing. Some Mobs maps give armor and weapons before you have to face them.

Co-op maps are a sub-type. Co-op maps are designed specifically for two or more people. The challenge may require you to work with another person to beat it, or it may pit you up against the other person. Some Co-op maps can be completed with only one person, but others require at least two people.

Adventure maps are a main challenge type. They are unique in that they are a combination of at least three different types, and are typically longer than the average map. They focus around a story or a plot, and this plot goes beyond just an exposition at the beginning and a denouement at the end. The map follows the journey of the player and is molded around their experience as a person, instead of focusing solely on the environment.

Hopefully this guide helps to understand the meaning of each challenge type! Thanks for reading!

What do the member colours on the server mean?

  1. White - New Player - Access to FFA levels areas only
  2. Blue - Elite Player - Access to HC, has 20 FFA points.
  3. Green - Member - Access to full map with build rights, access to greenies area on the forum.
  4. Dark Green - Moderator - Enforces the rules, can mute kick and ban.
  5. Orange - OP/Admin

I've got 20 FFA points, how do I become Blue?

Go to /spawn and go to the Hardcore area. Click the [Join HC-start] sign, and if you have 20 FFA points or more you will automatically become blue.

How do I become a member/green and get build rights?

To become a fully fledged member with build rights you will need to go through 2 Stages.

  1. Get 20 FFA Points to become Blue and get access to the Hardcore levels.
  2. Complete the Hardcore levels.

I completed the FFA and HC system and want to be made Green?

If you have completed the Hardcore Levels, enter your details into this form. Normally this will take up to one week for your application to be approved. if you have had no response or been made green after this time please ask on the forum.
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