1. Hi and welcome to Minr.org

    Who are we?

    We are one of minecrafts oldest servers and the oldest challenge and parkour server. Our map dates over 6 years and our server has had an uptime of 99%. We have over 250 challenges on our server which will keep you occupied for months. All of our challenges have been created by our member base who have completed our hardcore maps. You yourself could one day be creating a challenge for our server if you ever achieve the green membership rank. For more information on the server click here...

    More information below.

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Please take 5 minutes to complete this short survey about your experience on minr and how we can improve the server. Results will be published in the near future.
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What are the rules on Discord

The rules.

  • No spamming - We are looking at incorporating zero server chat to discord. This will give people the chance to talk to players in game but may also create spam in game, i intend to make general discussion the default chat in zero to avoid pointless discussion in zero.
  • Keep swearing to a minimum - Be aware of your surroundings some people are offended by profanity and realistically there is no need for it. I plan on creating more voice channels soon so if you are playing a game with a friend alone on a separate channel sure go for your life when swearing but please keep swearing to a minimum in main chat and main voice channels.
  • No bullying, trolling or being rude to any players - This is a big one we expect a maturity from our green membership, you part represent the server so being rude to other players is a big no.
  • Keep caps to a minimum - Self explanatory.
  • Do not post URL's to disturbing or pornographic content
  • No giving answers away - Discord chat is logged, do not help other players with answers for zero.
  • Have a problem with a player? Report them using the forum report system - Do not engage if a player is being nasty or rude, report them using the forum report system and a mod/op will deal with the situation. Ops/Mods if you need a log contact me.
  • Feel free to invite your friends to our discord.
  • Do not create a duplicate account to imitate an op or a mod or any other player for that matter.
  • Please change your nickname to suit your in game name. (Right click name then change nickname)

I've been banned, how do I request to be unbanned?

The minr.org community takes bans very seriously. A lot of time and effort has been put into creating our niche community that has become truly one of a kind.

We treat each case fairly, but there are some things that will not be tolerated within our community.

When making a ban appeal, please provide as much information as possible. A well detailed appeal can greatly speed along the process.

Do not lie. The quickest way for your appeal to be denied is to lie to us. Our logs provide a reliable source of verification for the events surrounding your ban. We look far more favorably on those who are honest from the start.

If you wish you apply for a Ban Appeal you can select ban appeals from the top forum or alternatively click this link

How do I edit my ban appeal?

You cannot edit your ban appeal.
If you want to add more information, please reply to your own appeal.
Keep in mind that you have a maximum of 3 appeals.

When I try to start a conversation, it says: "Enter a valid conversation title"

You most likely forgot to add a conversation subject on top of your message.

What perks do I get if I donate?

Donations are currently not available on the server, and never have been. If donations are ever opened, you will receive no perks for donating to the server. Donations are given by free will, you will not receive special treatment for doing so.

What is discord? How do i join?

What is discord?

Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming.

Discord was born out of our own frustrations with the voice and chat tools we all use while playing games. It’s a bit strange that in 2015 most of us are using chat apps that haven’t been updated in years to play games that are updated every week. We deserve better.

Discord brings gaming communication out of the stone age. It's free, easy to use, and with you even while you are AFK.

How do i join minr.org discord?

Head over to discordapp.com/ and download the discord app (recommended) alternatively you can use a browser. Ensure that you sign up to discord as our channel only accepts registered members. Once your have registered your account and logged in with either the app or browser version. Visit www.minr.org/discord this will send out an invite to your account and will allow you to join our channel.

We have our minecraft server directly linked to our discord channel allowing you to keep tabs on the server whilst away. You can also download the discord app or iphone or android!

Happy chatting!

How do I use Command Blocks?

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