Deep Dive into the Third Oldest Server in Minecraft (SIMONXL)

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Apr 25, 2021 at 4:03 AM
Posted by Chillers
Go log onto the server! Also if I got some things wrong or have something to add and you come from the minr community please leave a comment adding more!

The server IP is

Time Stamps
History - 1:00
Gameplay - 3:18
Ranks/Points - 5:31
Community - 7:22

✅ Socials ✅

Music Used
Stal - C418
Its Raining Somewhere Else - Undertale OST
Rude Buster - Delatrune OST
Creative Exercise - Mario Paint (OST)
Field of Hopes and Dreams - Deltarune OST
Love Mode - Joakim Karud

Me Getting Trolled on Minr

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