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Minr - Wolf's Fun Sky Parkour

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May 31, 2021 at 1:57 PM
Posted by wolfywolf
A map I just recently built on Minr. This is probably the hardest Minr map so far, next to Squidyerser's 16 jumps map.
IP: zero.minr.org (1.16.5)
!!! Since this map is in the "Valley", you'll need to be green rank to be able to join this map by doing /c join wfspk. If you're new to this server, to get green rank you'll have to be blue rank by getting 100 points then beating Hardcore to apply for the server membership to get the green rank. FFA maps (maps accessible by everybody) have some strict regulations on map design, quality and difficulty, so I don't plan on getting the map to FFA.

Music: Whitesand - Memory, Whitesand - Into The Sky
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