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Recent content by Ajdj

  1. Ajdj

    Denied Sabner62 Ban Appeal

    Previous appeals: https://forums.minr.org/threads/sabner62-ban-appeal.3328/ https://forums.minr.org/threads/sabner62-ban-appeal.3329/ So the last communication that was not documented: "I want to apologies about everything that happened on Minr. I got out of hand, and I know that this won’t...
  2. Ajdj

    Testing The Great Race 3

    I've removed most of the obvious skips I could find. If there is any further issues, we may want to consider adding barrier walls to the cave to prevent reaching the vines.
  3. Ajdj

    Denied Sabner62 Ban Appeal

    I will post more in a few days once staff have had a chance to talk about this. I will work with @Gravebound on this, as he issued the original ban, and I issued the second ban. I do not want to get your hopes up; 3 months is extremely short term for hacking or threats.
  4. Ajdj

    Granted bdarnell116 Ban Appeal

    (For staff to see: relevant green application) https://forums.minr.org/threads/bdarnell116-green-application.3031/ This ban falls to @Hex
  5. Ajdj

    Denied SinofWrath Ban Appeal

    [2019-05-28-1][18:58:55] [Async Chat Thread - #1021/INFO]: SinOfWrath_: so u from alamaba? [2019-05-28-1][18:59:19] [Async Chat Thread - #1021/INFO]: SinOfWrath_: im going undercover bois [2019-05-28-1][18:59:27] [Async Chat Thread - #1021/INFO]: SinOfWrath_: im gettin persued...
  6. Ajdj

    Testing The Great Race 3

    Turns out that the vine-growth flag was never turned on. For the moment I've set it to deny so that any future changes won't be undone. Cleaned up some of the ones that grew onto barriers at the waterfall, but both the waterfall area and the cavern will need to be checked in more detail later.
  7. Ajdj

    Resolved The Royal Theft

    Could not replicate in 1.14.1
  8. Ajdj

    Testing Wormhole

    I think I've patched all of these with the addition of barriers, too many to screenshot them all. I'm not resolving this just yet, because I've never played this map and would like someone (doesn't have to be staff) to make a quick runthrough of this and make sure it's still playable. (I'm...
  9. Ajdj

    Resolved Factory

    Fixed. I also fixed another possible skip where a player could go straight through these and info the fire below
  10. Ajdj

    Denied Avenger1417 Ban Appeal

    @rebplane was the staff member that banned you. They get first say in your appeal.
  11. Ajdj

    Broadcast Map inspiration, form changes, and staff updates!

    Hello everybody. Staff have been talking about a few small changes recently. In order to avoid constant announcement posts, I’m wrapping them up into one larger announcement. 1. It has come to the staff’s attention that a few maps have been taking inspiration from outside sources, and we wanted...
  12. Ajdj

    Denied White0_0Skill Ban Appeal

    @Jsnick was the user that banned you 2.5 years ago, and it appears to be for hacking.
  13. Ajdj

    The Minr mafia community is invited to the 6th annual Mafia Championship

    The holiday had me sidetracked, but the votes are in: Gravebound (Gravebound#4712) will be our representative. Creepashadowz (Alphaeus#1236) will be our alternate.
  14. Ajdj

    It should be back up.

    It should be back up.
  15. Ajdj

    The Minr mafia community is invited to the 6th annual Mafia Championship

    Correct. I intend to have an anwser for you a few days before the 26th.