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    Minr Mafia XXV: Alien Invasion!

    I'm in :)
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    jxcobwhite Ban Appeal

    Hi there, I didn't actually ban you for your knob comment, although it was also slightly inappropriate. You were actually banned for using a racial slur, and like you can imagine, we do not tolerate that kind of language whatsoever. Since you didn't give me a reason to unban you, I'm going to...
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    dan10888 Ban Appeal

    Hi, First off, thanks for being honest in your appeal. It's true that you didn't try to cheat the map while you were flying, so I'm willing to believe that you were just joking around. However, you fail to mention that you went on an alt account called "Dan30888" a few minutes after getting...
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    Part of Kakashi does not reset

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    Thanks for replying That's weird, it must've somehow reset itself, maybe it resets after leaving the room at the bossfight? I don't remember anything about a button press personally, it's been a while since I did that part of the map. But I will say that it would be logical if the entire king's...
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    Challenge Suggestions

    You didn't happen to test blazeville when the tps was below 20, right? The section where you have to press a button and go through a door is incredibly difficult without taking damage unless I'm missing something. It took me 10 minutes before I made it (and I just barely made it too) Make sure...
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    Part of Kakashi does not reset

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    no I already said this in #zero, but I'll say it here as well. This was mine and duckle's first playthrough, and from what I know there were no people in front of us (I didn't see any recent Kakashi completions) unless they stopped just before the last part. So I don't think it resets based on...
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    Minr Sightseeing - February 27th!

    Bananbulle and ilovenons as: DITCHERS capitalisation is very important!!!! :mad:
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    Part of Kakashi does not reset

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    Heya Me and duckle were running through Kakashi and noticed that a part in the castle (after the fishing rod armour stand section, before the king's bedroom) was already solved and didn't reset no matter what we tried. The door to the king's bedroom should still be open right now if it hasn't...
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    Guess The Map!

    Sure thing, I'll try :)
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    Username Game V2.0 !

    Final guess: Is Alpha Big?
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    Timer bug

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    I think the bug you're describing here is something else? What I'm describing here is only something that happens when the server freezes, the bug you're describing can happen anytime I was just saying that I used the lag caused by factory completions, any server freeze would do the same trick...
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    Timer bug

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    Heyo Because of the recent freezes caused by people completing factory, I had the idea to test this bug out that's always been on my mind. I was never able to do it before because server freezes are rare, but in this case I simply had to wait at the factory end sign for a random whitie to...
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    Username Game V2.0 !

    No way Q9: Do you think I'll be able to guess you correctly? :)
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    Username Game V2.0 !

    Guess 8: So, I have absolutely no clue who Charlie is. I thought about guessing AJ as a meme but it might actually be him, so just in case I regret it later: Is Charlie AJDJ?
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    Username Game V2.0 !

    Q8: help i ran out of fun questions What is your favourite map on minr?