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  1. MarstaVidar

    Anyone here into electronic?

    I recommend Patricia Taxxon, she makes a lot of different music with different genres, but I personally recommend rainbow road (synthwave) https://patriciataxxon.bandcamp.com/album/rainbow-road
  2. MarstaVidar

    Mafia General Rules and Tips

    I will sit on the waitlist, better late than never <3
  3. MarstaVidar

    Event Minr Sightseeing - August 15th!

    Event is over after a fierce battle, with @Bailey06 and @NoSi from "Kansei University Track and Field Team" taking it! Here are the final scores for anyone interested Hope everyone had a good time, and we might return next year! <3
  4. MarstaVidar

    Event Minr Sightseeing - August 15th!

    The event is underway! This message will be updated with all new information. Batch 1 of images is HERE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18nARXZl_er1cICzKoCk5KqkxVB7IhghG Batch 2: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16gY-0sk5_JljPg-rjdr2Y4Aa0gJyDYrb Batch 3...
  5. MarstaVidar

    Minr Mafia XXIV - Old West

    Can't come up with a cool entry line, but I'm in!
  6. MarstaVidar

    Event Minr Sightseeing - August 15th!

    Here is an example image! I will update the original post to include this as well. If this was in the event, all you would have to do is simply get to the place where the image was taken to score a point! Where is this? Who knows! Some people have also asked "How will the images be provided?"...
  7. MarstaVidar

    Event Minr Sightseeing - August 15th!

    Hi there everyone! I'm here to announce a brand new event - Minr Sightseeing! Now, what is Minr Sightseeing? It's simple! You will get a set of pictures taken in Minr FFA or FFA+ maps, and your goal is to find and visit all of them! The winner is whoever can find all of them first, or whoever...
  8. MarstaVidar

    Resolved Add More Challenges?

    Survivor with no checkpoints would be insane, especially considering the final checkpoint. Redstone Ready isn't too long and has been done before, and rapture technically has a checkpoint even if you do it without checkpoints (pre/post maze) but Survivor is both really long and has difficult...
  9. MarstaVidar

    Resolved Very tiny (but unintended) construction skip

    Jumping onto one of these fences allows you to sneak through with the 1.14 sneak physics. It only saves a few seconds, but as it wasn't intended in the original version of the map due to it using the new sneak physics, it should probably be fixed. Jaabus's run used a version of this skip that...
  10. MarstaVidar

    Denied Evulsion late start sign hit

    A bit of a weird one this time, due to the "new" sneak physics, you can go under the helicopter rotor and click the cp sign from the top. This used to be impossible. It only saves a few seconds but it's worth mentioning anyways.
  11. MarstaVidar

    Resolved Rapture Skips

    A few more reported skips in Rapture, momentum from this slab to reach the ladder. Don't know if this one is worth patching as it is significantly harder than doing the normal jumps. Second skip is from the ground here up, using momentum from the slabs before. This one skips all of cp 0 and...
  12. MarstaVidar

    Oh hey it's that time of the year again happy birthday

    Oh hey it's that time of the year again happy birthday
  13. MarstaVidar

    Happy birthday!!!!!!

    Happy birthday!!!!!!