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    Outpost Skip

    Impressive find! I spent a ton of time scouring these walls for money bags and never spotted that.
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    What are your top five favorite maps?

    Blight Scorned Lands Breaking Free 2 7 Days of Dreaming The Pit Shoutouts to Chaoskampf, Dragon Soul: Maelstrom, Coastline, Blossom, Minr Zoo, One Bad Fall, Outpost, Rapture, To Be Kind, and Time Lab.
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    Map skip Back to Bonneton

    The good citizens of Bonneton thank you for spotting this oversight. Wario "volunteered" (court mandated community service) to replace all of the barrels in the map with locked barrels, so this exploit has been patched.
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    Texture packs

    I’m a default man (ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub). Though I have da dub dabbled in medieval texture packs when playing heavily-modded-to-be-like-Diablo private servers.
  5. Mercata - 2010 Showcase

    Every killhole and trap should be accompanied by this Title pop-up:
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    Gravity: A Minr Dropper Collaborative Event

    Request: can I shorten the names of my two dropper maps? I hadn't considered that my first choices wouldn't fit on a sign (whoops). Recurring Nightmare -> Night Terrors (ntr) Down the Rabbit Hole -> The Rabbit Hole (trh)
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    Oculus CP5 sign snipe

    Playing earlier today, it did seem within reach.
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    Gravity: A Minr Dropper Collaborative Event

    Placeholdering again, but I am very much on pace to complete a 2nd dropper. :3 Dropper Title: Recurring Nightmare Dropper Map Code: rcn Dropper Creator(s): Mercata Start Coords: 5213, 220, -6767 End Coords: 7035, 64, -2519 Info: The clown cave? You haven't seen this since the Nightmare...
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    Gravity: A Minr Dropper Collaborative Event

    Just placeholder-ing this for now. :3 Dropper Title: Down the Rabbit Hole Dropper Map Code: dtrh Dropper Creator(s): Mercata Start Coords: 5188 238 -6792 End Coords: 5172 5 -6794 Info: Take the plunge down the rabbit hole and beyond giant wonders in this Alice In Wonderland-inspired...
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    How would you order the 11 black maps in order of difficulty?

    To rate my own skills as a preamble: I'd say that I'm above average at HH'er timing consistency, well below average on mouse curving precision, and well above average in the strat finding department. I sometimes spend more time in test recreating and fully exploring a jump than I do actually...
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    Moving Mazes Co-op

    Just happened to watch CaptainSparklez do a "single player co-op" map with a dummy switch-off mechanic and I think this would be a perfect fit for Moving Mazes:
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    Warped 2 Virtually Impossible

    To corroborate Chloe's experience: I beat the map tonight as well, and it was only possible because she was able to ensure certain problematic rooms were preloaded (by standing in them as I attempted the map). It's extremely telling that the only other recent completions of this map were done...
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    [Tutorial] Add your map(s) to the Wiki (Updated)

    Also seeking verification for editing perms! It me:
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    Move HELLter Skelter from pure parkour to mixed parkour with search

    I just played through this map, and I approve this message. iMpuRe o_O