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Recent content by MT_Hairy_Hindu

  1. MT_Hairy_Hindu

    Resolved DOOM-Ed Breakable Wall

    DOOM-Ed breakable wall Co-ords -1436, 11, 2243 Wall with pumpkin in, can be destroyed.
  2. MT_Hairy_Hindu


    Hey, so I had a challenge idea, not sure if this is the correct thread to put it under. Very simply, with an undecided name, have every parkour map, pure and mixed, as a challenge, but going from difficulty order? Would love to work my way through that, as myself am just a 'parkourist'. This...
  3. MT_Hairy_Hindu

    MT's Back

    Was this in reply to me as you know that I'm one of the BIGGEST Eminem fans going?
  4. MT_Hairy_Hindu

    MT's Back

    Hey Minr, Just wanted to say that I'm back once again, and thnaks for your warm welcome backs! Lovely to see you familiar faces! See you all around! MT/Marcus
  5. MT_Hairy_Hindu

    Greatest memory

    Seeing Jenni get banned?
  6. MT_Hairy_Hindu

    Been doing work experience this week, sorry for inactivity.

    Been doing work experience this week, sorry for inactivity.
  7. MT_Hairy_Hindu

    Embarrassing Video 5 Years Old By Me

    So, as some of you may know, I have LOVED, and I mean LOVED, Eminem for about 5 years now. I have seem him live, I have around 7 posters, all spread between my 2 bedrooms, and I thought, why not share this video! This of me, 5 years ago, when I was 12, at my friends house. This went round my...
  8. MT_Hairy_Hindu

    Hey yo, MT is back on Minr for good <3

    Hey yo, MT is back on Minr for good <3
  9. MT_Hairy_Hindu

    Event Spleef Tournament

    Okay so @Kenad came online, and for some weird reason I had this idea that spleef should be run once again, but this time with a little fun. One day in the upcoming weeks, maybe we can say 10th December (Please say if you can do this day), I was thinking of running a spleef tournament. When I...
  10. MT_Hairy_Hindu

    Resolved FAQ and The Rule Break Spike

    Agreed. I like the idea, but supporting what Henni said, many people do just want to come on here and play parkour. The quiz sounds good, but not make it mandatory, maybe offer a point or 2 for it? I dont know myself, but just an idea :)
  11. MT_Hairy_Hindu

    Stay Safe

    I cannot remember if I wrote a post yesterday about this, I don't know why, but I would like to say, anyone who is from Paris, I really hope they are safe. I hope that you are emotionally safe, and physically safe, and also anyone around the world where there may be war going on, please stay...
  12. MT_Hairy_Hindu

    New Board Design (/warp board)

    Absolutely love it @Zatharel and @skyerzz - Also, what TP are you using @Pieceofcheese87, thanks <3
  13. MT_Hairy_Hindu

    MT_Hairy_Hindu - Yeah I like to name change LOL. MT will be back in a few days <3

    MT_Hairy_Hindu - Yeah I like to name change LOL. MT will be back in a few days <3
  14. MT_Hairy_Hindu

    Denied CavemanJimbo Ban Appeal

    If some of you don't know, I am temporarily called CountSuku, and if you clicked on my link you would know I was there at the time of his cursing. Of course I do not know it is his brother, but one of Caveman's friends said can you unban my friend. Unless this was me thinking back to another...
  15. MT_Hairy_Hindu

    Thinking of starting another server

    Skyblock and skywars are just <3 <3