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Recent content by rickyboy320

  1. rickyboy320

    Broadcast The Puzzle Path is Getting Removed from Hardcore

    The puzzle path has now been fully removed from Hardcore. Your (Puzzle Path) Hardcore checkpoint should automatically convert to the corresponding Main Path location, as described in the post above. If this conversion failed, or you lost your Hardcore checkpoint for any other reason, please...
  2. rickyboy320

    Granted tbone04 Ban Appeal

    A while has passed indeed. 18 months the suggested ban time is, which you exceeded (oct 2017). Combined with a fair appeal and as far as I remember a nice attitude in chat, I'll grant this appeal. Few things to note: -obviously don't account swap again -refamiliarize yourself with the rules...
  3. rickyboy320

    Curious, there seems to be a limit on the profile posts in the sidebar. Did you post this on...

    Curious, there seems to be a limit on the profile posts in the sidebar. Did you post this on your profile? Though it seems that there is no limit to the replies here, as well.
  4. rickyboy320

    Resolved mobGriefing

    Fixed, but creepers don't hurt players anymore, haven't got the time to fix that.
  5. rickyboy320

    Resolved mobGriefing

    I'll take a look at it tomorrow (or tuesday). It's a bit of a complicated and high-danger issue, as mob-griefing includes a bunch of things that should be handled with WG instead. I guess it makes sense that villagers are also included in the mob griefing rule (even though I would call it not...
  6. rickyboy320

    Happy birthday ;) Sure does!

    Happy birthday ;) Sure does!
  7. rickyboy320

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but an admin will start the game back up: I wish for this thread to be unlocked again.
  8. rickyboy320

    Resolved Frostbite

    This is essentially preparing ahead of time, but we will also do a quick sweep of any potential shortcuts/escapes etc. It probably won't last as long as the 1.13 one though, and therefore having most issues fixed before they are even relevant is beneficial.
  9. rickyboy320

    Suggestion New Command: “/c info”

    We can just port /c info to greenies that shows less info. I was planning this as part of the command rework, but that'll take a bit to get implemented. If we want this asap, we can make something work though.
  10. rickyboy320

    Event ❤️Love is coming to Minr❤️

    The valentine event has concluded. The scoreboard was as follows: 1: Son_of_Odin_2002 & luckylukecraft / 725 2: The_Fire_Ghoul & rebplane / 725 3: Jaabus & Squidyerser / 725 4: CreepaShadowz & rmanimal / 335 5: pockleshetcheeto & lomour / 325 6: ZombieKiler & TheHexer / 125 7: JustPureGold &...
  11. rickyboy320

    Resolved The Core Map Escapes

    I also suggest adding item frames on the barrier with a barrier in it, as it can be unclear that you can't jump there.
  12. rickyboy320

    Minr Mafia XXII - Spirits (Game Over)

    I found that out on my last day of being alive actually. Lysta was originally innocent (tinyyanny), but was swapped the night moriarty was killed. I scried Moriarty that night and found TinyYanny to be killed, whom I fully suspected to be Lystacrl. I sadly made the mistake of trusting Boreal...
  13. rickyboy320

    Event ❤️Love is coming to Minr❤️

    Valentine is coming to Minr, once again! This time we introduce the much requested feature (@Bananbulle): /marry <player>! Propose to your favorite Minr player to strengthen your bond even more. Once married, you two can start a Soul Link challenge. A wide range of Soul Link challenges have been...
  14. rickyboy320

    Resolved Mirrored broken/buggy

    Both fixed. Used variables to keep track of the color, and made it walk scripts instead of interact scripts. Apparently the blue schematic contained the pressure plate items as part of the schematic. Recreated the schematic to no longer spawn random plates.
  15. rickyboy320

    Resolved Random Scrolling on Wiki

    I fixed this by adding: overflow-anchor: none; to the body css. Should fix the issue.