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    Pictures of maps w/ Shaders.

    Wow not one scy map? ;( All seriousness tho these are sick dude
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    Minr Mafia 27: Chaos

    which ones are the mafia?
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    Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! Hi everyone, it's your friendly neighborhood Scyxer-man; and as a wise man once said, 2021 is the Year of Search! And in such fashion, I am now introducing to you: Minr Scavenger Hunt! What is the Scavenger Hunt? The Scavenger Hunt event is a race between all...
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    Minr Mafia 27: Chaos

    Put me on kittys team or we will have a major issue. (I'm in :) )
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    Oculus v2 Skip

    Fixed. (One of the outer walls was 1 block lower than it shouldve been lol, guess I overlooked it when I was editing.)
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    Outpost cp0 shortcut

    Cool skip but i would just like to comment on how well drawn these arrows are
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    Challenges - Suggestion and Update Thread

    Name of Challenge: Friends of the Void Challenge code: void Suggested Challenge Points: 175 Maps in the Challenge, sequentially: Oculus Modifiers: Soul Link
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    Just a small skip

    Alteration made, thanks a bunch to both of yall!
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    Minr Mafia XXVI - Green Dawn

    woah woah i signed up D: I don't see my name on the roster so I guess this is attempt number two, can i get in?
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    Minr Mafia XXVI - Green Dawn

    me please!!
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    Thank You Minr Community

    I was scared you were quitting lol I was about to text the heck outta you. But yeah I feel the same, I love yall <3
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    Challenge Suggestions

    This is not the thread to ask for help with that. Also, I'm not sure if you can delete your account, but you can log out by clicking on your name in the top right, then clicking "Log Out" in the dropdown menu that appears.
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    Challenge Suggestions

    I think it could be useful! Would allow for a no cp Halcyon, it's up to you if you want that.
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    Challenge Suggestions

    Having to one-shot slime jump would be incredibly difficult - way harder than stranded imo Edit: this is not to say this is a bad idea, just that in my opinion the point value should be higher than stranded's.