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    We are minecraft's 3rd oldest server and the oldest dedicated challenge and parkour server in the world. Our map dates over 10 years and our server has had an uptime of 99%. We have over 400 challenges which will keep you occupied for months. All of our challenges have been created by our member base who have completed our Hardcore maps. You yourself could one day be creating a challenge for our server, if you ever achieve the green membership rank. 

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    Event Minr Sightseeing - February 27th!

    Watch your backs... Mercata and I will be Shadow Mercs
  2. Shadowless

    How would you order the 11 black maps in order of difficulty?

    My turn to tackle the black (parkour) map ranking: I will start from hardest to easiest. 1. Heartless 2. Crimson Planet 3. Happy Thoughts 4. Chaoskampf 5. Oculus 6. Sheol 7. Ice Age 8. Survivor 9. Redstone Ready 10. Final-E 11. Halcyon 12. Rapture 13. In Rainbows 14. Outpost 15. World Tour...
  3. Shadowless

    Resolved Huge Halcyon Skip

    You can start from here, at the beginning of the wall section at the end of CP5. Then, you come up right here, and you can do this difficult type of 3+1 jump up onto the top of this hill. So, now you are up here on this hill. Next, you run around over here to the opposite side of this...
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  5. Shadowless

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  6. Shadowless

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!