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Recent content by Sir_Pineapples

  1. Sir_Pineapples

    Resolved Spooky Minr Broken?

    Just checked again, the skeletons were gone, but still no diamond armor. Death occurs within 1 minute with the overwhelming number of skeletons combined with just iron armor.
  2. Sir_Pineapples

    Resolved Spooky Minr Broken?

    In the map, Spooky Minr, I was on the final stage which was the mob arena. as I went in by myself I received iron armor and I was overwhelmed by tons of skeletons. Afterwards I was let known that if a single person went alone into the stage they were actually suppose to receive diamond gear. I...
  3. Sir_Pineapples

    TOP 55 Maze point scorers of all time!

    48 isn't too bad lol especially since I can't beat many mazes to save my life.