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Feb 28, 2019
Oct 28, 2013
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minr op since Nov 2011, Male


So far, it looks like my maps are surviving another denomination thread \o/ Jun 13, 2018

Srentiln was last seen:
Feb 28, 2019
    1. Srentiln
      So far, it looks like my maps are surviving another denomination thread \o/
    2. Srentiln
      broke older laptop, found better version of it (better screen, larger HDD, and other things that made it more expensive) ~1/5th orig. price
      1. swimmy1212 likes this.
      2. Drahmee
        Ain't that the way!
        Apr 25, 2017
    3. Srentiln
      Been at the vet since 8:45 this morning (now 2:00) to get two doggies tooth cleanings. Very hungry and still waiting for one to be done.
    4. Srentiln
      Well, at least I can still say that I voted for a candidate I agreed with. And I'm allowed to complain because I actually voted! :p
      1. blie4 likes this.
      2. Jkjkelly1
        And that's okay, it's just the democratic process at work...

        Doesn't mean I have to be happy about it, but it's still a process.
        Nov 9, 2016
    5. Srentiln
      Happy Halloween, Merry Sam Hain, and whatever else is historically on this specific date :D
    6. Srentiln
      Vares is back up and running for now. Puzzles 5, 6, and 7 have had some reworking done. May fix up 1 and 3 next
    7. Srentiln
      If anyone is stuck in Vares, please assist them in leaving. Puzzle 6 is being switched and calibration is proving tedious.
    8. Srentiln
      Vares is fixed, shouldn't have the dice blackout issue anymore
      1. swimmy1212 and Freakworld like this.
      2. swimmy1212
        Aug 27, 2016
    9. Srentiln
      Out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in an RPG night/day via Roll20? Been wanting to play again, but my old group is gone :/
    10. Srentiln
      job search fact: if it is a perfect match, it is far away from your present location of residence -.-
      1. CreepaShadowz likes this.
    11. Srentiln
      too bad it isn't legit snick. Prepping the puzzles first is cheating
      1. Jkjkelly1 likes this.
    12. Robisgreat10
      Hey. do you know where can i write a thread for my ban appeal. couldn't find it.
      1. Robisgreat10
        Never mind, i found it
        Jan 8, 2016
    13. Srentiln
      *runs around with his new moose*
      1. CreepaShadowz and blie4 like this.
    14. Srentiln
      Back home, but have to stay in the guest room because my room became temporary storage while working on things, lol
    15. Srentiln
      I'm going to be disappearing for a few days after this Thursday or Friday. My job went bye bye last Thursday and I'm moving back home.
      1. Chillers
        Best of luck :-/
        Nov 17, 2015
    16. Srentiln
      @Jsnick XD You forgot the rules of OS's: 1) Apple computers for audio/visual work; 2) Windows for gaming; 3) Linux for coding
    17. Srentiln
      Welcome to the age at which the US deems people are legally adults @Red_Eyed_Cat ...Prepare for the assumptions and ruined childhood :p
      1. blie4 and Red_Eyed_Cat like this.
    18. Srentiln
      So far, the only thing I don't like about the current forum is it brings me to the new post THEN loads the images of the page, no biggy
      1. Chillers
        There would be very little i'd be able to do about that as it's built into the skin. The only way to fix that issue would probably involve setting a stationary background.
        Oct 28, 2015
      2. Srentiln
        @Chillers I know, ran out of characters before I could type "but I know there is little to nothing that can be done" so I said "no biggie" instead :p
        Oct 28, 2015
    19. Srentiln
      Chill is one of the few people here who could remember me ranting as a new white every time I had to start over because of mob parkour :p
    20. Srentiln
      Don't you hate when you get screwed over in a game because of windows updating right at that particular moment?
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    • I am straight edge. Your lifestyle choices are yours to make, and I don't judge you for them. Just don't expect me to find your jokes about being drunk/high funny.
    • I am a spiritual atheist. Again, your beliefs are your choice and I hold no judgement towards you for them. If you think it is your mission to "save my soul", then I have no interest in talking to you.
    • I value rightfully earned loyalty. When people try to abuse this, they don't like the outcome.


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