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Recent content by UltraOmiga

  1. UltraOmiga

    Broadcast Challenge Suggestions

    Funky Monkey Funkytown! & Monkey Trumpets! No Damage Challenge! This rewards the Funky uncommon title! # CREATES THE CHALLENGE @command /ch create fonk FunkyUncommonTitle Funky Freedom # WRITE THIS LINE FOR EVERY MAP YOU WANT TO ADD @command /ch add fonk funk @command /ch add fonk monkey...
  2. UltraOmiga

    Event Minr Sightseeing - February 27th!

    Rm and I will be teaming up as Previously: FantasyStarEXcombo-3 Currently: The Air Counters (He chose the old name)
  3. UltraOmiga

    Update Parkour Training Area

    Absolutely amazing, thank you to everyone involved!
  4. UltraOmiga

    Event Gravity: A Minr Dropper Collaborative Event

    Dropper Title: High-Tech-Dig Dropper Map Code: HTD Dropper Creator: Is Me: SomePunWithChloe aka UltraOmiga aka Chloe Start Coords: 5393, 237, -6400 End Coords: 5395, 59, -6401 Info: A high tech dig gone awry, jump down from the forlorn temple above into the dig site! I really wanted to...
  5. UltraOmiga

    Suggestion A State of Mind (Expert Challenge)

    I think this challenge is absolutely satanic and I absolutely love it!
  6. UltraOmiga

    Ban Appleal for whatusername900.

    Hey so this actually isn’t the place to do a ban appeal! In the ban appeals section of the forum there is a how to!
  7. UltraOmiga

    @Ajdj HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

    @Ajdj HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
  8. UltraOmiga

    how is everyones day mine is pretty good thanks tell me a joke that is funny

    Oml did he keep the misspellings!
  9. UltraOmiga

    Zen Gardening

    Ever since I started my break from minr, I have found that gardening is a suitable substitute. Specifically zen gardens and their wonderful bonsai trees. Pictured Below is my Lovely Garden From Left To Right: Farmers Market, Redstone Tree, Gold Tree, Lapis Lazuli Tree, Iron Tree, Tin Tree...
  10. UltraOmiga

    Resolved Hexa Killers Challenge

    That was what I was referring to
  11. UltraOmiga

    Resolved Hexa Killers Challenge

    Is wipeout that bad? I can’t think of a single place where you have to /kill or get killed
  12. UltraOmiga

    Suggestion Announce Difficult Green+ Map Completions

    The official response was it had to be all or nothing from Creepa
  13. UltraOmiga

    Suggestion Announce Difficult Green+ Map Completions

    After talking to Bahn and him explaining what I was misreading, I have edited the original post to be more clear to the point I was trying to make. I am sorry for the confusion and thank you for bearing with me. And I have edited most of my posts to better reflect this. Again I’m extremely...
  14. UltraOmiga

    Suggestion Announce Difficult Green+ Map Completions

    And unbalanced or just memes are the key words here because any map, regardless of where it is, is poor in quality if it is too hard and unbalanced. That’s why board reviews and works to see that fixed and balanced. Literally my map was too hard and unbalanced so I have to fix it. I never said...
  15. UltraOmiga

    Suggestion Announce Difficult Green+ Map Completions

    I also want to add that I didn’t even see that ezza directly called me out before I made that last post, but thanks for that.