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Recent content by Zatharel

  1. Zatharel

    New bbcode test thread

    takeanotherpill takeanotherpill 2019-06-06 21:26:00+02:00 f=x+3
  2. Zatharel

    Minr Mafia XXIII - Far Homes

    Hell yeah I'm in
  3. Zatharel

    Complete Chronological Map List

    Unless you're listing the rework, Eternity can't be right because it definitely predates The Gallery and probably even The Story.
  4. Zatharel

    happy bithday <3

    happy bithday <3
  5. Zatharel

    Event Pink Coin In Orbit!

    Count me in.
  6. Zatharel

    Happy birthday Craz:)

    Happy birthday Craz:)
  7. Zatharel

    Game Survivor (In Progress)

  8. Zatharel

    love you too

    love you too
  9. Zatharel

    Minr Mafia XXII - Spirits (Game Over)

    I don't like your tone Mr. Conductor, but circumstances beyond the 4th wall have forced me to buy a ticket.
  10. Zatharel

    Minr Secret Santa - 5 Years Strong

    @Pieceofcheese87 Merry christmas piece! I took your gift a bit literally... Unfortunately I can't get on today to get the exact coords, but the gift is located behind the sphinx you built last year. I will edit this post tomorrow with specifics. I'll check it out tomorrow and give you an...
  11. Zatharel

    Minr Secret Santa - 5 Years Strong

    Sign me up!
  12. Zatharel


  13. Zatharel

    Update [1.13] Update has concluded

    Someone told me that Delta has no border, I haven't checked yet. Wasn't the point to have a tight border so that we'd build close together like the old days?
  14. Zatharel

    Question Inaros

    When 1.13 hits, I'll start fixing it.