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    Forum games should be treated like events and (some should) have prizes

    This is probably a hot take, and probably won't happen. However, its still just so much fun to play these games! It's also probably going to lead to people being way to competitive. However, its still just so much fun to play these games! I just sometimes feel like when I play for so long it...
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    Make a command to see how many of each color map that you have done

    For example, you can easily see how many white maps you havent completed yet, or how many blue etc etc. It would make knowing what you need to do for 100% completion easier. or maybe its already a command lol
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    Is the word "realized" have a 'z' in it or an 's' in it?

    I tihnk its with a z, and google agrees with me on that, but why do people use it with an s? it doesnt make zenze
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    When writing out dates, do you guys put the month before the day, or the day before the month?

    I feel like its more normal for me to type 5/26/2020, but I have seen some people write it as 26/5/2020, so im wondering which way you would write it
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    Hello to the 51 members currently online!

    I hope that you are having a good day!
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    "Boxy" map

    I'm trying to make a map, but in the parkour section, pretty much everything is inside a box. I don't know how badly the aesthetics are going to be hurt by doing this, but I really want to make a good map and im paranoid that this is going to make the map worse. Any thoughts? PS: sorry if...