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    Logging in

    Hiya All, I've been having a problem with logging in. My launcher thinks I don't own a version, and prompts me to buy copy of the game. It will only let me play a "Demo Game". Any idea what's wrong? Thanks, Doug
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    Realms info

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    Realms info

    Hiya guys! I'm considering buying realms for younger members of my family, since it's easy for me to manage compared to running a hosted server. They mention a 5 GB map limit. How large would that world be? Would it include a Nether? Is there a better place to find answers than the Mojang...
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    Happy Birthday Rebby!

    Happy Birthday Rebby!
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    Happy 9th Birthday

    My favourite moment was back in the old days when there were 3 warp points above Jigabot's Clay Maze, and any green who wanted to got to see all the whities becoming Green...or die trying....:)
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    Sale - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic

    Update. I sold this comic last year for $795.
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    Name Origins

    Drahmee... I wrote a rough story arc for a multi-year TV show about 27 years ago, with basic characters and everything. Never went further with it. In this Sci-Fi universe one of the races was called "The Drahmee" which is completely made up.
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    @Chillers @rickyboy320 Hi guys! In my base, specifically the /region drahfarm, my Villagers won't pick up food, breed, etc. I checked out a wild village, same thing. Could you please change the settings so I can breed/murder more Villagers? Thanks so much! Drahmee The Butcherer
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    Is the server off-line?

    Is the server off-line?
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    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but then an update breaks your map. I wish I'd win the Lotto...
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    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but all you have time for is homework. I wish I could go to DisneyWorld.
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    Minr Mafia XXII - Spirits (Game Over)

    Lomour, His level of knowledge about what everyone was made me suspicious. While I do lie a lot, I usually find that as old as I am, I find things which seem weird or nag at my mind, but I can't put my finger on. I kept coming back to voting for Lord Boreal, but it was pointless if I'm the only...
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    Complete Chronological Map List (2010-2017)

    Mob Parkour was after Lava Parkour and they were both in 2010. Scudz 3D maze was early 2011, as was Fire & Ice. Found this in my emails regarding as player's maze path: "Zen made it through all 6 lvls. Becuz the portals aren't working, I tp'ed him to the start of Z's and Jiga's mazes, and he...
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    Minr Mafia XXII - Spirits (Game Over)

    Am I too late? I've been away, dammit!
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    1010 - Checkpoint Shortcuts

    Finally, a map I can do!!!!!!!
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    Happy 8th Birthday!

    There truly is no other community like There have been so many different stages in it's evolution! First it was a survival server, then it focussed on iConomy more, then morphed into a challenge server, and now it's become more interactive with so many community events which allow us...
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    [1.13] Update has concluded

    You knew I would ask...what's the deal with inventories for Delta and Zero?
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    1.13 - Roadmap

    If it only empties the chests, I can tell you what was in them, but if the chest disappears, that's more of a problem....:)
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    Modifications to server rules

    I like these changes, and think you guys are doing a fantastic job. :) It is much fairer than just not unbanning people...xD What do you mean by "We consider players at the person level, not account level"?
  20. D before and after 2010 - 2018

    There are three dynmaps maps on the bottom of Chillers' post. For the middle one, it was taken in about early Dec 2010. In my area which has been circled, under the "DRA" in my name, you can see the stone which I'd unearthed. I mined out 27,000 sand by hand using an iron pickaxe. It took me...