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  1. floris :)

    Part of Kakashi does not reset

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    Heya Me and duckle were running through Kakashi and noticed that a part in the castle (after the fishing rod armour stand section, before the king's bedroom) was already solved and didn't reset no matter what we tried. The door to the king's bedroom should still be open right now if it hasn't...
  2. floris :)

    Timer bug

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    Heyo Because of the recent freezes caused by people completing factory, I had the idea to test this bug out that's always been on my mind. I was never able to do it before because server freezes are rare, but in this case I simply had to wait at the factory end sign for a random whitie to...
  3. floris :)

    Regarding lava skips

    Heyo, I didn't know whether to post this in shortcuts or the helpdesk, so I just took the safer option and put it here. I was wondering if lava skips in lava maze would be allowed. Freezerburn speedruns used lava skips until saturation was removed (correct me if I'm wrong), so I was wondering...
  4. floris :)

    Warped possible exploit

    Heya So basically, I found a way to reset your time right before the last puzzle. I don't actually know if it is an exploit, but I'm not going to risk it anyway. When teleporting to the last puzzle you need to be on fire (I'm not going to explain how to get on fire of course). If you type /c...
  5. floris :)

    7x7 third level does not spawn minecarts

    I was told minecarts were meant to spawn by right clicking the wooden button, but nothing spawns. The people before me said it randomly "ran out", which is weird since it looks like the button activates a script to spawn the minecart? EDIT: It could also be a single minecart that's stuck...