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    Add a Looking For Group/LFG Text Channel on the Discord

    Hey all, As there have been several new difficult maps that have been added to the server recently, I have found it frustrating to try to complete them all, especially since looking for someone to do it with has been inconsistent. The current way used is usually by asking players in chat or...
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    New Challenge Idea

    Hey all, Since Final-E was just released, I thought it would be nice to have a challenge pack for the three E maps. The list as follows: E E3 Final-E Comparing to the points that Eighty Days gave, a similar challenge concept, this challenge would be roughly 100 C-Points. Some challenge name...
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    Unhide Secret Items in Resource Parkour Secret (RESOLVED)

    Hey all, I am sure we all are aware of how frustrating RPKS, or Resource Parkour Secret, can be, especially since it likely does not meet normal FFA standards. One of these frustrations that I have with the secret is that there are 6 secret items that are hidden from the lists (this isn't...
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    Announce Difficult Green+ Map Completions

    Hey all, I was playing Fantasy Islands today when I thought how disappointing it would be if you were not able to see your completion be publicly announced for such a difficult map such as this if you did not get a top 3 time. The majority of the Green+ maps are very difficult (Woodwork...
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    A New Black Parkour Map Pack

    Hey all, As the two pure parkour packs we currently have each have three maps (insane3 consists of mixed parkour), I believe it is time for pack 4. This challenge would contain: Sheol Halcyon Happy Thoughts (No modifiers) Having the maps in this order, I feel that it could make some kind of...
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    LanIsGone Ban Appeal

    Minecraft Username LanIsGone =1&c[nodes][0]=7&o=date']Previous Bans =2201&o=date']Ban List =1&c[nodes][0]=67&o=date']Green App MCBans How many times have you been banned on minr? Second Ban When were you banned Oct 16, 2020 Why were you banned? Exploiting large skips (Heist) Why do you...
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    Shortcut in Queen's Nest

    At the throne section, there are stairs on the sides of the hallway which used to be inaccessible because of how crouching worked pre-1.14, but now that you can crouch down to 1.5 blocks, almost the entire section can be skipped by going to the second log and crouching up the stairs behind...
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    Lananymous Ban Appeal

    Minecraft Username - Lananymous How many times have you been banned? - First time Do you know who banned you? - @Chillers Why were you banned? - For helping my brother, TommyMonzter, to complete the green HC course. When were you banned? - Approximately August of 2014 Why do you think you...