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  1. modern

    Civilization Minr

    CIVILIZATION MINR Civilization Minr is a multi-week event where members of the green+ community work together to build a town. Beside a bay on the continent of Theta, a sleepy town fell under a terrible curse. It poisoned the land, causing crops to wilt and livestock to sicken. In desperation...
  2. modern

    The Username Game

    Hey! Back in 2013, I was introduced to a forum game called "The Username Game". It was similar in style to the classic 60's show "The Dating Game", except the goal was not to find a date, but to correctly guess who the mystery contestants were. I thought it would be fun to bring here, but I've...
  3. modern

    Some more, different, music

    Hey, I'm back with some more albums I like. I get these bursts of musical curiosity where I'll find a whole bunch of new bands I enjoy all at once. This time, the theme was punk-adjacent. None of these can really be considered punk music, but they have their lyrical roots in the counterculture...
  4. modern

    Some music I like, in a list that gets progressively worse as it goes on.

    Hi, I’m modern. No one has posted in this subforum for a year, so I decided to make a little something. I’d like to share some music I like with y’all. The problem is a lot of the music I enjoy is “just a little too out there” or “bad”. So, I figured I’d share a list of music I like, keeping the...