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    Logging in

    Hiya All, I've been having a problem with logging in. My launcher thinks I don't own a version, and prompts me to buy copy of the game. It will only let me play a "Demo Game". Any idea what's wrong? Thanks, Doug
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    Realms info

    Hiya guys! I'm considering buying realms for younger members of my family, since it's easy for me to manage compared to running a hosted server. They mention a 5 GB map limit. How large would that world be? Would it include a Nether? Is there a better place to find answers than the Mojang...
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    @Chillers @rickyboy320 Hi guys! In my base, specifically the /region drahfarm, my Villagers won't pick up food, breed, etc. I checked out a wild village, same thing. Could you please change the settings so I can breed/murder more Villagers? Thanks so much! Drahmee The Butcherer
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    Sale - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic

    Hey guys, If you know of anyone wanting to buy a neat comic, I'm selling one via auction on It's a 1985 TMNT #3 New York ComicCon misprint, limited to 500 comics. It was graded by CGC at 9.0/10 It's a 5 day auction, and there's 4 1/2 days left. The bidding started at $5US and is...
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    Lava flowing in the Nether

    HI, I haven't seen lava flow from the ceiling in the Nether, until today. Just wanted to post the pic with the co-ordinates
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    Zero Railway

    I'm planning for a railway in the Nether which would make Zero easier to transit. Placing portals 1000 blocks apart would make every spot in Zero be within 500 blocks of one, but would require about 500 portals, plus 150,000 rails in the Nether. Obviously this would require a whole lot of...
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    I have a secret

    So, as some of you may be aware, Mob and Lava Parkour have been around a long time. Six years ago, I built something special (which is hidden from view) around them, so if we lost sortals we'd still have a HC consisting of three maps (Lava Parkour, Mob Parkour, and Glowstone Labyrinth) in that...
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    Drahshop now open!

    Hey, CreepaShadowz and I are partners in a shop in Fairville which sells enchanted books. We happily offer the following in trade for diamonds: 1 Mending book for 20 diamonds 1 Unbreaking III book for 5 diamonds 1 Fortune III book for 6 diamonds 1 Looting III book for 7 diamonds 1 Efficiency V...
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    Lava Parkour 2.0

    Lava Parkour 2.0 is coming along nicely. I've completed the first floor (122 jumps), and the central atrium (105 jumps). I just need to finish the second floor, and make some esthetic touches. The attached pic is of the Central Atrium. rebplane has informed me that she likely won't be able to do...
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    Feeling old

    Funny thing that. I went to the Drive-In here, which was showing Finding Dory, TMNT 2, and Cap America: Civil War. For the first time, we went home partway through the third movie, because we were tired. We had fun though....;) I got my birthday surprise, but had to wait until after midnight...
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    Where have all the Drahmees gone?

    Hey all, Have a problem with drivers, and my computer isn't set up in my new place, so waiting for over a week for the owner to update them. No idea when that will happen, might have to set up my own computer if I get a chance. Doug
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    Ocean Monument build progress

    Hey, Just an update on my work which was all dug and drained by hand! Drahmee