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  1. nahfackler

    Team Fortress 2

    Hey Guys, For the people who want don't like single shooter or play against each other, here is a game you might like. Team fortress 2 is still a shooter game but it involves cooperation with your team to either capture control points, reach a goal, or do complete domination. It includes a...
  2. nahfackler

    Slim chances of me coming back

    hello Minr, Today January 6, 2015, I couldn't get onto my profile on minecraft.net and failed. I assumed that my parents deleted the file on there and now I can't get on mc. The only places you will be able to contact me are the forums, Irc as soon as I figure out how to work it, and email...
  3. nahfackler

    Tongue Twister Sentences

    Hello, In this thread I hope you like tongue twisters because you are gonna trip the user above you by creating tongue twister sentences by using a real one or a made up one. Oh, and put how many times you have to say it in different colors. For an example, Player 1: Tristen Tristan trip me...
  4. nahfackler

    I am talking a break from mc

    Hey guys, I won't be on the server for personal reasons, ubtil i get those problems sorted out, I won't be on MC. I will be active on the forums, so If you need me I will be on the forums.. I hope that I get these problems sorted out quckly. Most chances is that I will be poff mc for the rest...
  5. nahfackler

    How many ways can you kill yourself and or Other People?

    It just came up to me realizing that there are at least 25+ ways or more to kill yourself and another player. In this game you are going to name the way you kill the user before you AND you have the option of killing yourself if you want too. You can be creative too, I like creativity. One rule...
  6. nahfackler

    Resolved There is a bug/escape route in HC1 water biome

    I was doing parkour and I found a hole at the bottom where water could escape and possibly players could too, I took a few screenshots as proof. As you Can See there is an actual hole, Thank you for your consideration, nahfackler
  7. nahfackler

    If I were to create a real life book, what would it be on?

    Hi, I am in need of an idea for a book, when you reply to this thread, try to make it a real life matter that I can write and create a book about. Once I choose on at least 3 winning topics, I will give a vote, The winning Idea is what I will write about. If you have any Ideas on what I should...