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  1. JonBimblesticks

    Slight yeroc% in Alphabet

    there already is a withinregion check, you do have to be within the A region to be tp'd, the problem is you can restart the map and get back there before being tp'd for A. A possible solution would be to remove the teleport delay from the A script and the A script alone. Would also make the map...
  2. JonBimblesticks

    Slight yeroc% in Alphabet

    If you enter the solution to the first riddle, you can then run "/c join abc", right click the checkpoint sign again and step on the pressure plate to return to the first room, just in time to be teleported. If executed perfectly it saves around 3-5 seconds. Not a big deal for most players, but...
  3. JonBimblesticks

    Minr Mafia XXVI - Green Dawn

    Let's. Fucking. Go. EDIT: Already found one of the admin infiltrators, you guys don't stand a CHANCE
  4. JonBimblesticks

    Broken Script in Journey of the Library

    When right clicking the iron door at -1905, 71, 144, you get an error message in chat saying "java.lang.NullPointerException" Also, unrelated, there is a grammatical error on the first sign - it says "Read all use all lecterns"
  5. JonBimblesticks

    Minr Mafia XXV: Alien Invasion!

    Let's do this :cool:
  6. JonBimblesticks

    Skip in Rorrim

    In the below image, step on the edge of the sea lantern You will appear in the glass here You can then walk out of it To skip the code entry section.
  7. JonBimblesticks

    Minr Sightseeing - February 27th!

    JonBimblesticks and 0l_ Team name: sbeve
  8. JonBimblesticks

    Fragments - an Unkindness

    The album's out! Haven't listened to it yet but saw this thread while scrolling and thought I'd put it here:
  9. JonBimblesticks

    The greatest video game of all time.

    Minecraft is absolutely my personal favourite and I have far more hours in that game then any other, just to make that clear. I'm a real big fan of Super Mario Odyssey. I think the level design, music and the fluency of movement using Cappy makes it an extremely fun experience, and the sheer...
  10. JonBimblesticks

    Minr Mafia XXIV - Old West

    Mafia isn't a game that takes up that much time in a person's day, like an hour at the most. IMO there's no issue at all running one mafia session shortly after another, especially in a community of people that play Minecraft for hours without issue. The theme sounds sick! Add my name to the...
  11. JonBimblesticks

    Minr Sightseeing - August 15th!

    Myself and 0l_ will from this point on be addressed as "The Garbage Men"
  12. JonBimblesticks

    Hexa Revamp

    As an alternative to nerfing the challenge to make it possible, I actually really like this idea. You see, if we use a leaderboard system that counts the number of maps a player has completed, then we end up with the problem that as soon as a few new maps are added to hexa a person's record...
  13. JonBimblesticks

    The Mathwiz Chess Championship

    Thanks for clarifying, you've been removed from the competitors list
  14. JonBimblesticks

    The Mathwiz Chess Championship

    The event will begin on Friday and there will be a timeframe set for each round of probably a few days but it ultimately depends on how many signups we get.
  15. JonBimblesticks

    The Mathwiz Chess Championship

    If you're expecting to be in WT3 for the next few days it's probably best not to sign up yet, but if you do get out before Friday please put your name down, the more the better!
  16. JonBimblesticks

    The Mathwiz Chess Championship

    Update now that tournament has begun: The bracket has been created, with the player on top playing white and the player below playing black. We would like all games in the first round to be completed within the next four days, and suggest you guys use discord chats with players to best...
  17. JonBimblesticks


    I kinda like what discord does where they have a list of join messages for each server and randomly pick one every time a player joins. Maybe on the discord end a plugin or bot could make join messages appear as bold in #zero?
  18. JonBimblesticks

    Mafia General Rules and Tips

    I'll put myself in line to host whenever, I love these sorts of games
  19. JonBimblesticks

    Gang Wars: A Mafia Spin-Off (Completed)

    Yo I'm down, looking forward to seeing how this plays out
  20. JonBimblesticks

    When writing out dates, do you guys put the month before the day, or the day before the month?

    DD/MM/YYYY is objectively the best way of writing it as you're simply increasing the size of the unit as you move rightwards. MM/DD/YYYY is ridiculous, go from big to small to even bigger what were Yankees thinking?