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  1. LendKaru

    Pictures of maps w/ Shaders.

    Hey! Recently I took a bunch of pictures of map with shaders on and i wanted to share some of them. Adventure of the Wool Valley by Felidae_ and Jakube_ Oasis by Kosmo93 P.I.T.M.O.N. by yot_yot5 Minr Zoo by ezzaezza and rebplane Aztec by Scylite_ and ilikefishees_ Sandcastles by...
  2. LendKaru

    Kakashi skips/escapes

  3. LendKaru

    Amalgam skip

    In the last puzzle, you can momentarily click the end sign after breaking the glass that's blocking it.
  4. LendKaru

    Crash using a floating bell/lantern and a sign

    Report Bug 
    This crash can only be done by greenie+ players but I thought it was worth reporting. Steps to recreate: 1. Place a bell/lantern on the ground 2. Using the debug stick, change the "Attachment" BlockStateTag to ceiling (or in the lanterns case, change "hanging" to true). should look like this 3...
  5. LendKaru

    Mimic: Mob Parkour skip

    I don't know how important patching skips in mimic is but I'm posting this here just in case. You can do a 4 block jump here to skip most of the map:
  6. LendKaru

    Sheol room 2 skip

    You can skip most of room 2 by jumping to the corner here: Then by walking along the wall to the left And doing the backwalled 3+1 here: Then you can do some easy parkour to get to the end. There are other ways too but that was the easiest i could find