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  1. MSaadM

    Minr Mafia XXVIII: Winter Wonderland

  2. MSaadM

    Movie / TV Show Suggestions

    I'm a person who's into aviation, and this show is all about surviving on an aeroplane in an end of the world scenario. I loved this show, but not sure how others will think of it (season 2 coming soon on Netflix). It's called Into The Night.
  3. MSaadM

    Minr Mafia XXIV - Old West

    Sign me up! This will be my first Mafia experience so I won't be the best, but I'm excited either way! :)
  4. MSaadM

    Glitch in the Armor Stand section of Kakashi Adventure Co-op Map

    I have tried this map twice and both times been stuck on the section with the armor stand and the fishing rod. Every time me or my partner has tried to fishing rod the armor stand, absolutely nothing happens. We have even tried resetting the armor stand multiple times to no avail. Please try to...