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  1. rickyboy320

    Update [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance for Friday, 20th December

    Friday, the 20th of December, the server will go down for max. 2 hours during maintenance. During this maintenance, the following will be completed: 1.15.1 Update. Update to Minr Scripts (update notes will follow in the subforum and briefly in a post when the update is live) Associated bugfixes...
  2. rickyboy320

    Maintenance [CONCLUDED] [1.14] Update Maintenance on July 22nd

    It's almost time to cuddle with pandas and foxes! July 22nd, the server will go down for a short period of time during maintenance. During this maintenance the server will be updated to the Minecraft 1.14 Update. During the maintenance, the following will be done: Update the server to 1.14...
  3. rickyboy320

    Event ❤️Love is coming to Minr❤️

    Valentine is coming to Minr, once again! This time we introduce the much requested feature (@Bananbulle): /marry <player>! Propose to your favorite Minr player to strengthen your bond even more. Once married, you two can start a Soul Link challenge. A wide range of Soul Link challenges have been...
  4. rickyboy320

    Update Difficulty Changes

    Difficulty Spectrum In order to streamline new players' experience, and more clearly define the upper difficulty tiers, we have made changes to the difficulty system. Two new difficulty tiers have been added: -White (worth 1 point), which is dubbed 'Very Easy' -Black (worth 25 points), dubbed...
  5. rickyboy320

    Update [1.13] Update has concluded

    The update to 1.13 has concluded. We are now on the latest version; join now with the latest minecraft version on the launcher. A preview version of Optifine is out, but be sure to click on preview versions to download it. See here for more information: Do note that a lot of things are bound...
  6. rickyboy320

    Resolved Minr Golf

    What is the map name? Minr Golf What are the x y z coordinates /tp 4100 74 1371 What world is the fault on. Theta What fault has occured. Other Please give details of fault Map is not beatable due to floating water mechanics. Fixed the puzzle before this, but this one requires a full rework...
  7. rickyboy320

    Resolved Retro Valley

    What is the map name? Retro Valley What are the x y z coordinates /tp 623 152 -1515 What world is the fault on. Theta What fault has occured. Bypass Please give details of fault Water shortcut, skips pretty much the whole map.
  8. rickyboy320

    Maintenance [1.13] Update Maintenance on this Friday, 28th

    It's almost time to swim with the fish and dolphins! This Friday, the 28th of September, the server will go down for an undetermined period of time during maintenance. During this maintenance the server will be updated to the Minecraft 1.13 Update. Since this update contains massive changes to...
  9. rickyboy320

    Resolved Able to play HC map while in challenge

    Players should not be able to toggle to HC while in a challenge, without quitting it. This has caused issues with completing the map and being sent back to the challenge's map, failing to finish the HC map properly.
  10. rickyboy320

    Update 1.13 - Roadmap

    As you all may know, 1.13 released yesterday. 1.13 contains many new features, such as the ocean rework, plenty of new mobs and many new mechanics. Most importantly, 1.13 also brings the "Technically Updated" update, which was combined with Update Aquatic (now the official title for 1.13). The...
  11. rickyboy320

    Maintenance HC Maintenance on March 29th

    At approximately 13:00 22:00 CEST, March 29th, Hardcore will be 'closing' for maintenance. The amount of time Hardcore will take to update is not determined. During this time Hardcore will switch to a 12-level design that retains the shift to persistence, but allows for the players with the...
  12. rickyboy320

    Resolved Winter Fun

    The jump from block -> tree and block -> house have been fixed. Top times up to one minute have been removed, as it is certain these had to use this shortcut. Two other shortcuts were reported (trees & 'second 3+1'), but these were approved due to them being balanced in difficulty compared to...
  13. rickyboy320

    Resolved Queen's Nest

    This jump has been patched. Time *should* still be beatable, but correct me if this is not the case. No times were removed.
  14. rickyboy320

    Shortcut definitions and discussion

    Preferably any shortcuts you find should (at least) be reported to the map creator, so that the creator can decide if the skip should stay. Any large skips that undermine difficulty should get fixed and definitely reported. Let us define three classes of 'shortcuts': Accepted shortcuts Bad...
  15. rickyboy320

    Progression of the Minr Plugin

    Recently saw a post on reddit about a visual representation of the Minecraft code base, and was inspired to put the Minr plugin through the same process. Sadly lost the log files of the 2015 updates I did, because I never used git there. Don't think my captions are that great, since I myself...
  16. rickyboy320

    Broadcast 7th anniversary!

    It feels like yesterday when I made last years post about hexa. Challenges were relatively new back then, and Hexa was received quite well. However, challenges weren't exactly where I hoped them to be. They are quite hard to find, but more particularly, the reward was lacking. I hope to have...
  17. rickyboy320

    Broadcast Minr Wiki

    A few months ago I opened up the Minr Wiki to staff to get some initial content and testing in. Now that we've had some fiddling around with the tech and extensions, I feel it's time to open it up to the public (we need a ton of content still!) Link: https://wiki.minr.org I tried to mimic the...
  18. rickyboy320

    Minr Overview Map

    As some of you know, we've been at work generating and publishing a semi-recent map of Zero. It's viewable here: https://map.minr.org This thread is for links & screenshots to share your findings, as there's so many that has been left behind by the players before us. Even with over 5 years on...
  19. rickyboy320

    Update 1.11 Update is live!

    The 1.11 update is finally here. See http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/1.11 for the changelog. Plugin related updates: Large Minr command overhaul. More complete discord support for commands (try out .checkpoint cp <player> and others) Addition of the /checkpoint completed [playername] <mapcode>...
  20. rickyboy320

    Maintenance [1.11] Scheduled Maintenance on 28th of November

    Monday, the 28th of November, the server will go down for max. 1 hour during maintenance. During this maintenance the following will be completed: 1.11 Update. Massive behind the scenes Minr Plugin overhaul Bugfixes Do note that the days after this update things can/will break, and please...