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  1. picklesthecheeta

    not my fault @luckylukecraft chose to confuse me with his fire pfp but happy birthday to you too.

    not my fault @luckylukecraft chose to confuse me with his fire pfp but happy birthday to you too.
  2. picklesthecheeta

    happy birthday @Fire and @Metsune : o

    happy birthday @Fire and @Metsune : o
  3. picklesthecheeta

    Granted Scars Ban Appeal

    I'm not sure if I should speak here, but this is why he was banned (as much as I know):
  4. picklesthecheeta

    Suggestion Woodwork

    I don't think black maps have expanded to the point that Woodwork has become FFA-worthy. E is unique: each level has a design, a theme. Woodwork on the other hand is just a slog of overly-hard jumps without distinction. (this is both aesthetics and gameplay imo)
  5. picklesthecheeta

    Suggestion Encrypt emails

    i mean there's nothing super secret that occurs on a minecraft forum...
  6. picklesthecheeta

    hap birth

    hap birth
  7. picklesthecheeta

    Name Origins

    I was on my way to get a stuffed white tiger just like my brother. I was so excited. I was going to get a tiger and name him ... "pickles" yeah that's the name! pickles the tiger! But then I saw these stuffed cheetahs and oh my god they were cute. So I get a stuffed cheetah and name it...
  8. picklesthecheeta

    Report Bug Pearl

    pearls actually bypass region kills... i think
  9. picklesthecheeta

    Suggestion Standard Challenge Ideas

    mfw it's not four thousand one hundred fifty six lives
  10. picklesthecheeta

    Resolved IKEAmaze

    I'm not sure if this should be fixed, and before an admin does anything I would like to discuss with pix.
  11. picklesthecheeta

    Minr Mafia XXIII - Far Homes

    Let's save a station!
  12. picklesthecheeta

    Resolved Iron Door - Bench Press

    some complex script using isCrouching() ?
  13. picklesthecheeta

    Introducing: The Minr Knights of the Round

    Steed thyself DumbMutt, as without your completion of the Path Of Heroes you are a mere Serf. Allow us knights to deliberate on such matters.
  14. picklesthecheeta

    Introducing: The Minr Knights of the Round

    Oh ho! I gather that your request doth be in good taste fellow knight. Together we shall embark on a quest to rid this server of filth and infidels. And bad maps of course.
  15. picklesthecheeta

    Change one word in the sentence.

    [5] Machete and Rickybot kissed under the petty matter of who should rule Earth
  16. picklesthecheeta

    The Minr mafia community is invited to the 6th annual Mafia Championship

    Question: Is there a list of what the roles do? Also, I know I'm somewhat new to >Minr< Mafia, and haven't yet hosted a game (but I've started working on my setup which I'll run after RM does his). Also, it's certainly a different experience, and Odin would lynch me for saying it, but I play...
  17. picklesthecheeta

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted but people have made this wish before so it's unoriginal. I wish people stopped making black maps.
  18. picklesthecheeta

    Game Survivor (Abandoned)

    I'll play