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  1. Hex

    Ladder/Vine bug

    I might label that as a glitchy mechanic myself, I highly doubt it's like that by intention, regardless of it not coming from an error in code. Thanks for the sleuth work!
  2. Hex

    Denied Dumbmutt Ban Appeal

    In writing an appeal, you are trying to regain our trust. In lying, even though it was small, you showed that you aren't entirely ready to gain it back. The truth is king here, and accepting all the consequences that your actions might bring is necessary. We all love the server as much as you...
  3. Hex

    Granted Sylvxxn Ban Appeal

    Hi, Sylvxxn. As it has been the length of time that I recommended in your last appeal, you will be unbanned starting February 1st. Please familiarize yourself with our rules again before returning (https://wiki.minr.org/Server_Rules), as further rule breaking will not be taken lightly. Aside...
  4. Hex

    birthday bulle \o/

    birthday bulle \o/
  5. Hex

    Maintenance Completed HC Maintenance on September 1st

    You were transferred to the correct position when HC was updated.
  6. Hex

    Denied Firealarm14 Ban Appeal

    Hi, Firealarm. Your account is your responsibility. Even if this story is true, hacking was done from your account, and this means that you are responsible for those actions. The recommended ban time for hacking is 18 months. Please do not appeal before April 2021.
  7. Hex

    Suggestion Cp's not giving food

    As I recall, multiple years back there was a bug and/or update that removed all food from mid checkpoints (@rebplane is my source iirc) so if that's the case then there shouldn't be a problem with adding food to these mid checkpoints. Nearly all maps now have saturation, so this only affects a...
  8. Hex

    Denied BustinBamboa Ban Appeal

    Hi, Bustin. From the previous appeal. Another user posts grossly inappropriate messages. A staff member kicks them, with a warning to stop. (At this point, it should be evident to anyone that those sort of topics aren't tolerated on the server.) The kicked user posts what you describe in the...
  9. Hex

    Denied 1pigbenis1 Ban Appeal

    Hi, pig. Your ban is very much valid, as I caught you using hacks on the server. If you intend to appeal again, please come clean, as we are not going to unban you unless you do. Appeal denied.
  10. Hex

    oy birf

    oy birf
  11. Hex

    Granted ADogg01 Ban Appeal

    Ban appeals are not always a high priority for our staff team, who can be busy with irl things that take priority. We do not forget about appeals, but please be patient. It will be addressed.
  12. Hex

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Hex


  14. Hex

    Maintenance Completed HC Maintenance on September 1st

    This version of HC is now in full swing. Thanks to henniboy321 for the lovely graphic.
  15. Hex

    Granted KilomPlaysMC Ban Appeal

    This was only an hour ban to give you time to cool off. It has since expired. When things get heated, you cannot again get heated to the point of insulting staff members or anyone (especially those that had nothing to do with it) and especially please don't fake yourself getting kicked again...
  16. Hex

    Denied ruggsie Ban Appeal

    Hi, ruggsie. Thank you for coming clean. Unfortunately, hacking is a serious offence, and I cannot warrant an unban at this time. This appeal is denied, and you may submit an appeal after 12 months have passed.
  17. Hex

    Maintenance Completed HC Maintenance on September 1st

    UPDATE: The maintenance will be tomorrow, September 1st, around 2pm EST (give or take an hour). The HC conversions will work as follows: HC-1 (Construction) -> HC-1 HC-2 (Snowstorm) -> HC-2 HC-3 (Chiller's Door Maze) -> HC-3 HC-4 -8 (Funkytown, Corrupt, Lava Maze, Metal Harbor, MYTH) ->The path...
  18. Hex

    Denied RainbowWaffleRWT Ban Appeal

    In lieu of your outburst in the Discord, I don't think that 2 years is enough time. The ban was meant to be long, but it was NOT permanent, and I was hoping that if you had waited that long to appeal you would be able to grow and mature and eventually become a good community member. However, 2...
  19. Hex

    Denied RainbowWaffleRWT Ban Appeal

    Hi, Rainbo. As a green player, we expect that you should be aware of the rules, and more aware than a white or blue player. More importantly than this, as an unbanned player, you should be aware of the fact that second chances are something that not all players deserve. You took a second chance...
  20. Hex

    Denied ParkourSensei Ban Appeal

    Before anything else gets said, I need you to know that you fully understand the gravity of what happened. You rocketed 133 times over the course of the event, including on both of the green stars you found. This was not a small offense. That works out to nearly 1 time a minute from when you...