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  1. AlphaDireWolff


  2. AlphaDireWolff

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, then all the times were deleted I wish for my internet to be faster :(
  3. AlphaDireWolff

    (Proven False) Abusive Mod

    Lets look back at the beginning of the chat. No, you did not say anything really inappropriate as far as I can see (my apologies). I could tell it was just friendly banter, and I kinda joined in a bit. But blades going on and on defending you is what costed him, after all it was only a 5 minute...
  4. AlphaDireWolff

    (Proven False) Abusive Mod

    Oh no I didnt take it personally lol, but its not my business what the mods do
  5. AlphaDireWolff

    (Proven False) Abusive Mod

    You were being quite obnoxious