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  1. TinyYanny

    Minr Nostalgia (Plus face reveal)

    Completing hardcore, which took me months and I honestly didn't think I was going to finish it this rotation, but somehow I was able to do it and it couldn't have been done without the support from everyone that believed in me. I'm so glad that NoSi introduced me to the server, I have truly...
  2. TinyYanny

    Pending Wool Endless

    You can skip most of the green section and all of the yellow section by doing the jump shown below in the video
  3. TinyYanny

    Minr Mafia XXIII - Far Homes

    count me in c:
  4. TinyYanny

    Resolved 7 Days of Dreaming

    Not sure if this is the intended way to do this, I'm assuming it isn't but you can just jump and spam click the chest to get the milk buckets as shown below in the video.
  5. TinyYanny

    Resolved The Great Race II

    What is the map name? The Great Race II What are the x y z coordinates /tp -5929, 99, 6082 Zero What is the problem? Shortcut/skip Please give details There are a lot of vines in this area you would be able to climb up which means you would be able to skip most of the parkour and climb up to...
  6. TinyYanny

    Happy Birthday c:

    Happy Birthday c:
  7. TinyYanny

    Happy Birthday c: <3 hope its a great one

    Happy Birthday c: <3 hope its a great one
  8. TinyYanny

    Event Pink Coin In Orbit!

    I'll try my best to make it
  9. TinyYanny

    Minr Mafia XXII - Spirits (Game Over)

    Hypeeeee. count me in c:
  10. TinyYanny

    Resolved SRA - sign error

    In one section of SRA there is a typo on the signs, not the biggest error but thought I would mention it here in case anyone gets confused about the puzzle. The sign that gives you the information about the riddle says apt but the sign to identify the buttons says opt