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    We are strongly against pay-to-win features and have been a privately funded server for the entirety of our existence, amounting to over a decade of free and fair play for our community.

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Search results for query: Mouserr

  1. M

    3DWaifu (Mousrr at the time of ban) Ban Appeal

    ...Why do you think you should be unbanned? I broke the server's rules and for that I am truly sorry. I decided to lend my account to my friend Mouserr, to have him help me complete 3 hardcore maps due to them being incredibly frustrating for me, but that is not a valid reason for me to cheat on...
  2. Autre

    Mouserr Ban Appeal

    Hi Mouserr, Apologies for the delay! Thank you for waiting out your ban length. I appreciate the honesty. Please know that any additional rule breaks will incur harsher punishments. Your account progress and HC progress will not be reset. However, in order to earn Green rank, you will need to...
  3. M

    Mouserr Ban Appeal

    Minecraft Username Mouserr =1&c[nodes][0]=7&o=date']Previous Bans =2201&o=date']Ban List =1&c[nodes][0]=67&o=date']Green App MCBans How many times have you been banned on minr? First Ban When were you banned Jan 12, 2022 Why were you banned? I was banned for account sharing with my...