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  1. zdemon98

    Resolved Scripts not working

    Hello Minr o/ So basically to start this off, I played the new map "Eternity." Further in the map, you click a chest that gives you the paper, and it says that you must wait -20,000 hours of some sort - some random number to wait before activating the script. http://imgur.com/iUnNKJ2 I did...
  2. zdemon98

    Minecraft Facts

    This is a thread similar to Creeper's thread: Absurd Facts. Here you can comment facts, tips, tricks, and things you might not have known about Minecraft. I will start. It would take 3,000,000,000 blocks of TNT to destroy one block of Bedrock.
  3. zdemon98

    Resolved Mobs in Treedom

    When I was playing the map Treedom, I found something that should be fixed. When you spawn in the map, behind you is, of course, the fence. Behind the fence is a few grass blocks in the form of stairs. When one is playing the map at night, mobs have the capability to enter the map. I have...