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    We are one of Minecraft's oldest servers. Our map dates back over 12+ years and our server has had an uptime of 99%. We have over 600 challenges that will keep you occupied for months. All of our challenges have been developed tested and curated by our membership base who have completed our Hardcore set of challenges.

    We are strongly against pay-to-win features and have been a privately funded server for the entirety of our existence, amounting to over a decade of free and fair play for our community.

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Search results

  1. Voodles3

    Skip in Arrowhead

    Epic parkour jump :D, leads to huge skip in Arrowhead D:
  2. Voodles3

    Halcyon cp3 shortcut

    Heyo, theres a simple cross neo thing in Halcyon cp3 which makes the slime jump way easier to do. I've attached a screenshot of where you jump to from the cp, from there just jump down to the slime and make the jump easily. I think it should definitely be patched, as it severely undermines the...
  3. Voodles3

    Koi skip

    Here's a short video of all the skips mentioned, and a new one I found also:
  4. Voodles3

    Grid Hopper Map Escape

    Video showcase link: My guess is a green unknowingly made a portal too close to the map, and they linked up causing this to happen. Not sure though. Possible fixes could be changing the portals to just have purple glass in them, removing the problem-causing portal, or somehow disabling the...