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  1. Pieceofcheese87

    Time, the arch-nemesis of humankind

    This can often be one of the most depressing subjects to delve into. I've spent my fair share of nights thinking about the inevitability of aging and death, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I've also thought about the idea that the technology to make us stay young and live for a very...
  2. Pieceofcheese87

    The greatest video game of all time.

    In terms of sheer impact/influence, as well as personal impact on myself - Minecraft
  3. Pieceofcheese87

    Maintenance (Completed) HC Maintenance on August 28/29

    The maintenance is over. Here is the design of the new HC: Notes of changes: Paisley Prison has been removed from the rotation, as it has not proven to be an effective map in its position. This map will be put into FFA. Construction (Previously HC-12), has been moved into the HC2 slot to fill...
  4. Pieceofcheese87

    Maintenance (Completed) HC Maintenance on August 28/29

    Greetings and salutations. I'm sure all you blues and new greens have had a boatload of fun with HC10.0, which is why we decided to make it even better! Hardcore will be receiving an update to version 10.1 tomorrow. It will start at 12am UTC (00:00 UTC, Saturday morning) and it will last for an...
  5. Pieceofcheese87

    Suggestion Forum games should be treated like events and (some should) have prizes

    If THAT's a waste of time, then what have I been doing on this server for eight years...
  6. Pieceofcheese87

    Resolved Detention 2 pressure plate room

    It likely seemed impossible because there were two of you running around in there. I assure you that it works fine.
  7. Pieceofcheese87

    Minr Mafia XXIV - Old West

    i've always been terrible at these, but sure i'll play
  8. Pieceofcheese87

    Granted womsh Ban Appeal

    This is @Zombie 's ban. You were banned on May 27
  9. Pieceofcheese87

    Denied qpu Ban Appeal

    Hi qpu, I'm glad you're being honest with us. I know that some players were very disappointed to see that you hacked, as they thought you were a worthy community member. That being said, I cannot simply pardon you for flying over the entirety of a maze in Hardcore. Hacking normally warrants a...
  10. Pieceofcheese87

    Granted MNSminecraft Ban Appeal

    Ha yeah that was a while ago, and that's a very minor offense. I'm sure you could have gotten unbanned back then if you appealed. Welcome back!
  11. Pieceofcheese87

    Granted Santosiipp Ban Appeal

    I will unban you but please be more careful in chat in the future, and next time this happens (if it does) we will not be lenient with your punishment. Welcome back.
  12. Pieceofcheese87

    Denied bubobucks Ban Appeal

    Sorry to break it to you, but a staff member was watching when you flew from the bottom all the way up the tower in Construction. Hacking warrants a 2-year ban. We sometimes shorten that if you're truthful in your appeal, but of course that isn't what happened here. I wish you the best of luck...
  13. Pieceofcheese87

    Denied OneEvilTeddyBear Ban Appeal

    We don't expect banned players to return, that's of their own choosing. Staff don't care one way or another if you choose to appeal or not. We already have a great community and considering we weeded out you lot this was a big success. Enjoy the rest of your summer off, boys.
  14. Pieceofcheese87

    Denied aecrocks Ban Appeal

    No one has any vendetta against you or any of those who were banned yesterday. What we saw was a large group of people collaborating in bad faith and breaking the rules in various other ways, which is a permanent ban as it says on the rules and in HC many times as a warning. If you cared enough...
  15. Pieceofcheese87

    Denied Liquifies Ban Appeal

    Staff directly witnessed you flyhacking in HC. I don't appreciate you trying to worm yourself out on claims of "no proof". You know what you did.
  16. Pieceofcheese87

    Denied Nurlier Ban Appeal

    Hacking in HC is a serious offense and I saw no signs of you "testing the waters". You were prepared to hack the whole distance. You really disappointed a lot of people by doing this, since you seemed to be a promising community member. Despite this, we cannot just let you off lightly. You will...
  17. Pieceofcheese87

    Resolved Should maps made pre-sprint have sprint today?

    Mineco is a staple easy map. Seeing it changed to be no-sprint would be... weird. I think I agree with pickles that we should only do it if the creator requests for it to be done. In aquarium's case, I did reach out to Roman prior to the change (granted, it was changed before he could respond to...
  18. Pieceofcheese87

    Resolved Challenge/Creator Packs

    Letting anyone with an above average number of maps under their belt get a specialized challenge is opening up a whole can of worms. It's best to leave it up to the staff's discretion on what constitutes a special challenge pack. It's not to say that you or anyone else who has made several maps...
  19. Pieceofcheese87

    Granted Jamsssss Ban Appeal

    You were banned on June 2nd. @rebplane was the one who banned
  20. Pieceofcheese87

    Denied MatchuCentric Ban Appeal

    Sorry Matchu, lying isn't going to get you out of this. We observed you using freecam several times (stopping before making a choice, player randomly standing still and crouching, then going the correct way), as well as flyhacking directly through the ceiling in a room in Elusion. Multiple staff...