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  1. rickyboy320

    Suggestion Story Mode, and how would it work

    Check out the challenge Minr Odyssey, it is somewhat similar to the idea you present here.
  2. rickyboy320

    Report Bug Titles visible during invisibility

    ^ That's true, but when the player is invisible (by means of potion effect) they really should vanish as well. This is already done on a few other systems (i.e., spectator), so supporting invisibility should be expected to be supported as well. Thanks for the report, I'll add it to the tracker.
  3. rickyboy320

    1.16.2 information & Minr 10.6.0 update

    It seems that paper is stable enough now, so we will be pushing for 1.16.2 in the coming few days -- looking for September 1st. It should be coupled with a normal restart on the affected day, as no significant changes need to be made. (New delta may not release immediately, but we'll be working...
  4. rickyboy320

    Resolved Forum games should be treated like events and (some should) have prizes

    I consider them a fun (board) game with friends, the goal is having fun, not earning money. If a host wants to add a monetary reward, they're allowed to (but no betting/etc), but as piece implies, having fun is in no way wasting time.
  5. rickyboy320

    Resolved Scripting bug in Troll Kingdom

    Seemed to be a leftover script from sightseeing, they have now been removed.
  6. rickyboy320

    1.16.2 information & Minr 10.6.0 update

    Hello everyone! It's been a short bit since 1.16 has been released, and more particularly, since 1.16.2 has been released by Mojang. Sadly, we cannot update to 1.16.2 yet, because Paper (our server software) has marked this update unstable as of now, possibly wiping entire villages, which is...
  7. rickyboy320

    Update [COMPLETED] 1.16 Update (Friday 12:00 UTC)

    We successfully updated to 1.16.1. Enjoy!
  8. rickyboy320

    Update [COMPLETED] 1.16 Update (Friday 12:00 UTC)

    We will commence the update this Friday, 14:00 CEST, 12:00 UTC, 08:00 ET. Should not take a significant amount of time, but expect at least one hour of downtime.
  9. rickyboy320

    Suggestion Hexa Revamp

    Yes, but hexa was not impossible, just something so out of the ordinary that it's equal to a legendary feat. While winning mazecomp is an amazing feat, it was a guaranteed outcome of the event, and imo therefore not worthy of the legendary status (even though only one can get it).
  10. rickyboy320

    Suggestion Hexa Revamp

    Hi, thanks for bringing up the topic. 333 / 666 is just too much compared to the 66 we have currently. I think we need to figure out what approximately has changed since reb's victory of hexa, and re-scale based on that. We want the title to remain 'legendary' because we do not want to devalue...
  11. rickyboy320

    Suggestion 100% Completion Rewards Upgrade

    Agree with this one. I think we can keep the trail as it is now (unlock 100% once). We could add a second cosmetic that unlocks/locks as you lose your 100%. Though I don't think we have support for 'evolving' cosmetics yet,
  12. rickyboy320

    Update [COMPLETED] 1.16 Update (Friday 12:00 UTC)

    We will likely plan the 1.16 update somewhere end next week. Stay tuned! Delta will probably follow whenever 1.16.2 comes out, since that contains some balancing changes and, more importantly, some fixes to world generation.
  13. rickyboy320

    Resolved Should maps made pre-sprint have sprint today?

    That implies I haven't played mineco without sprint. I have. Where does that difficulty come from? The stretches are short, there are no awkward jumps (minus one or two), there is constant failsafing, and there's only a few substages. It's more difficult than with sprint, but it's not orange...
  14. rickyboy320

    Resolved Should maps made pre-sprint have sprint today?

    You guys are wholly overestimating the difficulty. Mineco would not become orange/red, the jumps remain simple and the map is short. Aj beat old level 2 (without sprint) in VR. There are so few jumps that it would be blue, green at most.
  15. rickyboy320

    Update [COMPLETED] 1.16 Update (Friday 12:00 UTC)

    1.16 released yesterday \o/ As with every update, we're dependent on the server software and our plugins to be able to update to the newer versions. We will update this thread to keep you posted on the progress toward 1.16, and we will try to update as soon as possible. This time around there...
  16. rickyboy320

    Suggestion Chat Filter

    In theory, chat filters are great, but they're not easy to implement.... at all. To give a sense of context, here's a good explanation by the great tom scott: I'm very much a believer in that chat filters do not work to prevent anything, as even catching things like and all the weird...
  17. rickyboy320

    Resolved /kill

    I don't understand this sentence, mind rephrasing it? As I interpret it now, legitimacy is affected by not clicking the end sign, but instead /killing or /c joining and then redoing the map? Your time from start-checkpoint to finish is your time. Even if we removed the (QoL) reset of times on...
  18. rickyboy320

    Resolved BOP: Archie's puzzle

    I'm not quite sure what happened, but it's quite a mess-- the book looks half-done, and there are signs on the wall referring to pages in the book that aren't there. Some whities pointed this out to me, and I tried to resolve it, but I don't even know where to start honestly. Posting this here...
  19. rickyboy320


    Hard disagree, if a concern with . was that it was hard to filter out from discord, this will be worse. (Unless you mean customizable in how it looks to you...)
  20. rickyboy320

    Mapcode Tier List

    B: vic oh boy, the number of times I used inv for this map... definitely an F tier for me.