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Search results for query: vicarsteve

  1. Chillers

    Granted DrisDrisDris Ban Appeal

    It would appear you were banned under vicarsteve. @thepookabear will review your appeal.
  2. thepookabear

    Denied vicarsteve Ban Appeal

    vicarsteve, The slur you are using is extremely offensive and very insulting. It is very racist and is universally seen as a word no one should ever use to describe a person that has a different skin color. Even if you are a person of color, we do not allow any kind of racial slurs on our...
  3. H

    Denied vicarsteve Ban Appeal

    Minecraft Username vicarsteve =1&c[nodes][0]=7&o=date']Previous Bans =2201&o=date']Ban List =1&c[nodes][0]=67&o=date']Green App MCBans How many times have you been banned on minr? First Ban When were you banned Sep 24, 2020 Why were you banned? Saying "nigger" Why do you think you...