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    We are minecraft's 3rd oldest server and the oldest dedicated challenge and parkour server in the world. Our map dates over 10 years and our server has had an uptime of 99%. We have over 400 challenges which will keep you occupied for months. All of our challenges have been created by our member base who have completed our Hardcore maps. You yourself could one day be creating a challenge for our server, if you ever achieve the green membership rank. 

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  1. LomourKong

    Resolved The Great Race 3

    You can skip part of the parkour by swimming into the lily-pad at -5143 90 4458 to get under the barriers. Also, there are two map escapes in the nether portion. One's at 286 41 402, it's a 3.5 around the glass and you're out of bounds. The other one is at 291 46 443, much harder jump, you do a...
  2. LomourKong

    Resolved The Great Race 3

    At -5100 106 4460, you can climb up the vines in the middle to get onto the parkour. That's about all that changed.
  3. LomourKong

    About Speedrunning (Multiplayering, Setups, and Skips)

    Recently, the rules have been enforced in regards to speedrunning. Times have been removed from maps that use setups or major shortcuts, including Birds of Paradise, Coke Can, and Brothers' Therapy. I'd like to discuss the rules in regards to these things, as I believe in their current...
  4. LomourKong

    Resolved The Pumpkin Lord

    This map is broken and this is a list of the things I have found. All the skips listed (unless otherwise specified) have been successfully done. In the section with the skeleton horse, there are barriers all around the inner edge to stop you from using it earlier. However, the vines on the...
  5. LomourKong

    Resolved Collaberative Map Escape

    This cobble wall can be climbed for strange reasons. This is right after the redstone maze, outside of the fence/pressure plate parkour. There are other similar places around this perimeter as well.
  6. LomourKong

    Resolved Armourstand Titles Left Behind

    When in a boat or a minecart, leaving the game will leave behind your title. It just floats there. (Also we might need some cleanup on Theta's Northern warp, around the floating boats.)
  7. LomourKong

    Resolved Map Join Scripts

    I think in the next major change to the scripts, we should implement a "join script" that activates when players join the map. This could fix some map bugs, such as Tulip Among Tulip's door problem or script storage issues. Instead of running a script when the checkpoint sign is hit, you could...
  8. LomourKong

    Resolved Viae Exploit

    I forgot what the nickname was... but you can skip basically the whole map in a run by clicking the last puzzle's lamp and entering the answer after resetting. Note: My time is invalid, if you could remove it I'd appreciate it.
  9. LomourKong

    Resolved Serene Map Escape

    Little fence escape at the end of Serene (very end, screenshot's near the lake). Edit: Thought it was fixed, still isn't
  10. LomourKong

    Resolved Danger Zone Map Escape

    At the end of Danger Zone, before going up to the end room, there is a lava ceiling with nothing above it. You can climb up through it and reach a pool of water to avoid dying. The top two times (me and yeroc) are illegitimate, they use another map's start checkpoint and re-enter the map escape.
  11. LomourKong

    Resolved Coke Can is Broked

    At the colour part, every other button (starting with the first) does nothing. I have no idea why or how to solve it. :(
  12. LomourKong

    Resolved Ghidora Manor

    I noticed that Ghidora was changed recently so you can no longer just skip the whole map. However, you can kind of just farm gold from people. Collecting gold, throwing it on the ground, resetting, and clicking the sign lets you pick it back up and get another gold from a person.
  13. LomourKong

    Resolved Deathglitching Bug

    In Sky Parkour, I discovered that /c join spk on the moment you die from fall damage will stop the death. It displays the death screen, but pressing respawn does not move you. Instead, the death screen disappears and you regain full health. It also resets timer without disqualifying you. This...
  14. LomourKong

    Resolved Shiny Red Apples Shortcut

    There's a skip right before the maze in Shiny Red Apples, where you can simply jump off onto a lower platform and skip the maze section. This is used in my run, please remove the time. I'd also like to ask, when does a shortcut become big enough to be reported? Thank you.