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  1. MarstaVidar

    Event Minr Sightseeing - August 15th!

    Hi there everyone! I'm here to announce a brand new event - Minr Sightseeing! Now, what is Minr Sightseeing? It's simple! You will get a set of pictures taken in Minr FFA or FFA+ maps, and your goal is to find and visit all of them! The winner is whoever can find all of them first, or whoever...
  2. MarstaVidar

    Resolved Very tiny (but unintended) construction skip

    Jumping onto one of these fences allows you to sneak through with the 1.14 sneak physics. It only saves a few seconds, but as it wasn't intended in the original version of the map due to it using the new sneak physics, it should probably be fixed. Jaabus's run used a version of this skip that...
  3. MarstaVidar

    Denied Evulsion late start sign hit

    A bit of a weird one this time, due to the "new" sneak physics, you can go under the helicopter rotor and click the cp sign from the top. This used to be impossible. It only saves a few seconds but it's worth mentioning anyways.
  4. MarstaVidar

    Resolved Rapture Skips

    A few more reported skips in Rapture, momentum from this slab to reach the ladder. Don't know if this one is worth patching as it is significantly harder than doing the normal jumps. Second skip is from the ground here up, using momentum from the slabs before. This one skips all of cp 0 and...
  5. MarstaVidar

    Resolved Roadblock Shortcut

    It's a 4 + 0-5 carpet thing, idk how to define parkour jumps. Used by Jaabus and squid, you jump from the grey car to the slab arch.
  6. MarstaVidar

    Resolved Factory

    What is the map name? Factory What are the x y z coordinates /tp -3139 85 -2260 Theta What is the problem? Bypass Please give details You can sneak into a previously unaccessible area of the map, and then sneak out near the end of the map. Not only this spot has to be patched, but also the...
  7. MarstaVidar

    Resolved Kakashi double frost walker

    Heard about this bug a while ago but forgot about it until the kakashi change thread. In the frost walker section of the map, on the section where one person is supposed to lose the boots and you have to work together to both get through the section you can both keep the boots by just going...
  8. MarstaVidar

    Denied Requesting change on the "barrier" maze in elusion.

    Before 1.13 the weird maze room in elusion was really cool, as it included some glitched chests which made that room really unique. Now, the current version is just a barrier maze. I would reccomend changing it to a mix of chests and barriers, to at least make it a little better than it...
  9. MarstaVidar

    Resolved Minr Golf Top Times Are Presumably Unbeatable

    With a shortcut and a bug patched here https://forums.minr.org/threads/resetting-your-time-in-minr-golf.3197/ and here https://forums.minr.org/threads/skipping-hole-17-in-minr-golf.3155/ I'm pretty sure at least the #1 time is unbeatable without co-op help. I don't know if @NoSi's run of the...
  10. MarstaVidar

    Resolved Skipping Hole 17 in Minr Golf

    If you manage to put this minecart in a position like this you're able to skip the entire 17th hole, and the long minecart ride sections that come with it. I know swimmy has been positive to setting up holes beforehand, by throwing an item on the plate then restarting the map, but this skip...
  11. MarstaVidar

    Resolved Skipping Final Room of Night Light

    Alright, so in the final room of night light (The one where you trace the emerald platforms until you eventually reach the end) you can actually just go straight for the final platform without swapping the locations once and it still works. I haven't used it but I know some of the top times do...
  12. MarstaVidar

    Resolved Extra Pearls in Pearl

    Because of (presumably) lag, I managed to click the button to get into Pearl 3 twice, resulting in 64 pearls instead of 32.
  13. MarstaVidar

    Resolved Bypassing Pistons in Pistomatic

    I managed to bypass the pistons in Pistomatic by jumping and running through. I spoke to reb about this and it's apparently because of my high ping at that moment, and it didn't send any ncp. No idea how to fix it, but it is a concern as you're probably able to skip most of the map if you do it...
  14. MarstaVidar

    Resolved Shortcut in Monkey Trumpets

    You can jump around these blocks allowing you to skip the entire second "Speed or Jump" Section.
  15. MarstaVidar

    Resolved Chess Game open Knight door

    Basically, the door you have to open to enter the knight in chess game doesn't reset when you enter the knight but rather when you exit the pawn, meaning that if I go into the pawn and then /kill the door to the knight will be permanently open. This can easily be fixed by closing the knight door...
  16. MarstaVidar

    Event Speedrun Competition, Anniversary Special

    Hello! My name is... Odin I guess, and I'm hosting my (second) Speedrun Competition. The last one went well until I got too much schoolwork to do, so I'm keeping it to a shorter time this round. Quick rules and info: The competition will take place over two weeks. There will be seven...
  17. MarstaVidar

    Event Tournament of all kinds minr [UPDATED]

    That's right, im hosting a tournament. Inspired by the old tournament of champions im hosting a tournament. How it will work: Each round consists of a map, where players will compete to get the best times. Times achieved before the start of the round will not count. Each round will be three...