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    We are minecraft's 3rd oldest server and the oldest dedicated challenge and parkour server in the world. Our map dates over 10 years and our server has had an uptime of 99%. We have over 400 challenges which will keep you occupied for months. All of our challenges have been created by our member base who have completed our Hardcore maps. You yourself could one day be creating a challenge for our server, if you ever achieve the green membership rank. 

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  1. _Trains_

    Suggestion Out of Breath (Challenge Suggestion)

    Hey guys, Trains here! Thought of this fun idea since I'm quite the nosprint fan, and it sounds like the server could always use new challenges. Challenge name: Out of Breath Challenge map list: Dry Desert Trials, Mariana, Retrograde, Asylum Escape Challenge modifiers: None needed (You can't...
  2. _Trains_

    5 albums I do enjoy listening to recently

    Hope you all enjoy! These are all completely different albums in terms of vibe so I've given them a very appropriate label for you to pick what you want. Let me know what you think! Faces - Mac Miller (2014) [sad rap album] Alone in IZ World - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (2001) [happy album]...
  3. _Trains_

    The 10 songs nons should definitely sing

    An objective fact. Take On Me - Aha Gangnam Style - Psy Dig - Mudvayne Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop) - Scatman John Tunak Tunak Tun - Daler Mehndi What Does the Fox Say? - Ylvis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jofNR_WkoCE Fallen Kingdom - CaptainSparklez...
  4. _Trains_

    My Favourite 10 Albums in The Last 10 Days

    I listened to just over 25 albums for the first time over the last 10 days, and I'd like to rank my top 10 for you. Hope you all enjoy. 10. Porno for Pyros - Porno for Pyros (Rock | 1993) 9. Five Five - Pouya (Hip-Hop | 2018) 8. Sigh No More - Mumford & Sons (Alternative/Folk | 2009) [Thanks...
  5. _Trains_

    My Top 50 Albums

    Hello everyone. Music is the most important part of my life. I would be honoured if you listened to any of these. No particular order; that's impossible. Choose Your Weapon - Hiatus Kaiyote (Alternative | 2015) 4:44 - Jay-Z (Rap | 2017) We Get Requests - Oscar Peterson (Jazz | 1964) Freudian -...
  6. _Trains_

    The greatest video game of all time.

    I'm interested to get opinions on this. What do you all consider, if you had to pick one, to be the greatest video game of all time? This could be due to how amazing the game is, it's impact on both video game culture and society, and/or any other reason why you feel it's the best. Also, feel...
  7. _Trains_

    Resolved Detention 2 pressure plate room

    Played this map for the first time with spol - this room does not seem possible. Throwing an item where we were led to believe to be the solution didn't actually work and we found no other method of solving the room to the point where we needed admin assistance. Perhaps a script or redstone broke?
  8. _Trains_

    Resolved Should maps made pre-sprint have sprint today?

    A quick idea/suggestion since this is a topic talked about as of recent. Very open thread for debate so feel free to let your opinions flow. With maps like aquarium most notably getting buffed with no sprint, this begs the question on whether all maps made pre-sprint should not have sprint to...
  9. _Trains_

    Resolved /kill

    Hello, I'm sure this has been brought up a few times but since the speedrun legitimacy situation is currently being talked about, I'd like to raise the fact again that using /kill (and /c join [mapname/mapcode]) reset your time as many mods and admins have claimed that this was apparently...