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  1. djnysted

    Resolved Shroomville Skip

    In the upper area of the large house on Shroomville (the one with the fence parkour in the attic), 1.14 mechanics have made it possible to crouch through the entire area, bypassing all of the parkour needed previously. This makes this section pretty trivial.
  2. djnysted

    Resolved Bug in Miner's Million's Stage 1

    In the first stage of Miner's Millions, you don't actually need to obtain the item to proceed in the map. See video below for an example of skipping the area entirely. EDIT: It also appears this may only be on the first stage. The second is configured properly for certain.
  3. djnysted

    Resolved Spawn Parkour Skip

    Not sure how much competition there really is on the spawn parkour, but you can skip to CP2 by landing on the roof of the first building, jumping down to the tunnel connecting the two, following the path on the outside from there, then jumping onto the snow building, then to the HC sign. From...