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Denied AmericanAir88 Ban Appeal

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New Fish
Sep 25, 2020
Minecraft Username

How many times have you been banned on minr?
First Ban​
When were you banned
May 28, 2020​

Why were you banned?
I honestly have no idea why I was banned. I was on the server for several months and racked up points. The rationale was "Cheating in Hardcore." I never cheated in hardcore or in any map. I was stuck on Gebul until I eventually gave up. I become extremely busy over the summer and I did not have that much time to return.​
Why do you think you should be unbanned?
Although I do not know the reason I was banned, I know that my behavior has changed. I was known for getting really angry at certain maps and I understand that that was not acceptable behavior. I enjoyed the server very much and was doing a bunch of well designed maps. I remember how proud I was when I finished Spectrum or how impressed I was at Breaking Free 2. I want to relive those experiences and enjoy the maps and great community that is offered.

I promise I never gained an unfair advantage and I would never do that.​
Has agreed that the above is both honest and truthful:

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Boring Turtle
Jan 5, 2014
Hello! Sorry for the delay.

The staff team has evidence to conclude with certainty that you used an xray pack/mod or freecam during your time in Hardcore. Due to this, I am unable to accept your appeal.

I strongly advise you to be honest if you make another appeal.
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