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Granted chapmack Ban Appeal

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New Fish
May 11, 2019
Minecraft Username - chapmack

How many times have you been banned? - First time

Do you know who banned you? - @No

Why were you banned? - I called someone a dumb bitch, twice If i remember correctly.

When were you banned? - within the last couple of months

Why do you think you should be unbanned? - So heres the story, my friend and I were playing some parkour and I was a little annoyed. There happened to be, at the time, a kid spamming the minecraft chat about his perfect ACT scores. I mean he was writing a book in there, after about fifteen minutes I said "Dumb bitch needs a tutor" as a joke but also to call out this guy. I was immediately removed from the server. I rejoined and someone asked why I was kicked i said "I said bitch" then someone else said "No you called someone a dumb bitch". so my friend and I were still trying to parkour but I decided it would be funny to say "Dumb bitch can't take a joke" and then I got banned immediately. Ill be the first to admit that I did have a pretty good laugh. Though the reality of the situation did set in fairly quick. I want that admin to know that I didn't mean it seriously so i'm sorry for that. I regret my actions because I just want to play some good parkour and adventure maps with my friends. That was my first offense cursing in the chat and it will be my last because its simply not worth it. I would really appreciate being unbanned so I can just rage silently with my homies again. I think in this case I deserve another chance just because I feel like I wasn't being aggressive for the sincere purpose of hurting other peoples feelings, just being aggressive because im stupid.

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Eternal Bodyguard of Kitties™
Mar 26, 2014
I have unbanned the both of you. Consider this a last warning, obnoxious and toxic behaviour like that will not be tolerated on our server.
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