DimiG69 Ban Appeal

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Nov 23, 2021
Minecraft Username

How many times have you been banned on minr?
First Ban​
When were you banned
Nov 24, 2021​

Why were you banned?
Hey my name is Dieter. I just tried to connect to the server but i saw that i was banned for hacking. Me and my little brother are using my account together and he was yesterday on your server. I found out that he was using a hacked client. I would like to ask you if there is any possibilty for me to be able to play on your server again. I assure you that i wont give my little brother the permission anymore to play with my account and i deleted the client he was using. I am really sorry for the circumstance and would be very happy if you would give me a chance again to play on your server.​
Why do you think you should be unbanned?
I have deleted the hacked client he was using and wont share my account with him anymore. I promise that this wont happen again.​
Has agreed that the above is both honest and truthful:

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Mar 7, 2020
Hello, Dieter. I appreciate the appeal.
Unfortunately, I'm going to be denying it at this time for a couple reasons:

  • The explanation you give in this appeal directly contradicts the story you wrote in your last appeal, as well as the story you told staff shortly after your ban. Honesty is always the best policy, and I can't be sure you won't immediately try to cheat again once unbanned if you don't acknowledge this first time.
  • It is our policy that you, as the account owner, are responsible for what happens on your account. I understand you won't be letting your brother use your account anymore, which is good. However, this story does not line up with your previous explanations.

Please do not reappeal before July 24, 2022. I will not consider an unban before then.
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