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Denied DK_Summit Ban Appeal

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Aug 2, 2020
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How many times have you been banned on minr?
First Ban​
When were you banned
Aug 1, 2020​

Why were you banned?
Why do you think you should be unbanned?
I admit I made a mistake. I wasn't trying to cause a commotion and me and my friends were just playing on Parkour. I couldn't beat this one level and I cracked and cheated. I fly back to where I died and finished the parkour, but since I flew the server announced I had beaten it in record time which was not my intent. I panicked when a mod was curious about my time and lied saying it was a "lucky first try." I later kept playing and got stressed and flew once again, then getting banned. I understand there are consequences to my actions, but I really do love your server and truly regret my mistakes. I don't want to stay permanently banned on the server and I know there's no real excuse for what I did, but I hope you'll consider my appeal.​
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May 23, 2019
Hey thanks for your appeal. I'm glad you understand what you did and admitted your mistakes. That said the suggested ban time for hacking is 12 months. Given that you seem to understand there are repercussions for your actions and seem to know what you did wrong I'm willing to set that time down to 6 months before you can re-appeal. An appeal will not be accepted before January 1st, 2021.

Sorry I counted the months wrong: Should have said February 1st 2021. My apologies.
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