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Granted DrisDrisDris Ban Appeal

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New Fish
Sep 24, 2020
Minecraft Username

How many times have you been banned on minr?
First Ban​
When were you banned
Sep 24, 2020​

Why were you banned?
Using offensive word​
Why do you think you should be unbanned?
Hi, i have read all the rules about chatting in global and other stuff that can make be banned. Sorry for bringing negative vibe to your server and i can make sure it wont happen again. Ive been told by thepookabear that i should be reappeal again on October 1st. But on October 1st i have plenty of stuff to do, so i will just appeal now, but you may respond it on October 1st. Thank you for reminding me for my toxicity and this warning would be the first and the last. Thankyou for your consideration​
Has agreed that the above is both honest and truthful:

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It's all good
Apr 10, 2016
Hello Dris/Steve

Now that a week has passed I am willing to consider your appeal. Using the offensive word in your previous appeal still makes me a bit weary you think it's ok to use. This appeal is better as you seem to now understand it's not ok to use ever. That being said I am going to extend your ban 2 more weeks. You will be unbanned on October 16 (European time). Please use this time to re-read the rules here. Any repeated chat violations will be a much longer ban as third chances are not taken lightly. Welcome back.
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