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Denied Dumbmutt Ban Appeal

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I like to break things.
Jul 30, 2018
Minecraft Username

How many times have you been banned on minr?
First Ban​
When were you banned
Feb 14, 2020​

Why were you banned?
I was banned for abusing my green permissions in a purple coin event.
(I can't pinpoint the exact date of when I was banned because I'm having issues with the page of my ban) But it's between 14-24 I believe.​
Why do you think you should be unbanned?
Honestly, I've been pondering for a while about my ban for the past six months. It's been a long and drawn-out thought process and I have a few things I'd like to say about it. When I was first apart of the Minr Community, I took a lot of the things I had for granted. The staff, the community, my hard-earned building permissions just snatched instantly because of my selfish acts that brought everything to a shock. I've dedicated countless hours to this server on large projects as well. Green is not just a rank that is given, it's a creed entrusted into the community who holds this power. I have violated this creed, but disrespecting not only the server rules, but my friends, the staff team, and personally CreepaShadowz, and rmanimal as people. I've lost so much trust from so many people and all I can do is to apologize and hope that anyone would find it in their heart to somewhat forgive me. These months have been deep sorrow within myself apart of the fact I allowed myself to cheat in something that was meant to be fun for the whole server ruining it for countless people. I don't believe "should" be unbanned is a perfect word for this appeal, it's rather a deep apology for everybody I've hurt.

I've had quite a long time to think about my actions and how they affect other people over this long stretch of time. Even then to say that I've "affected" people is quite an understatement to say the least. And I've felt like I've changed as not only a person but a family member to this Minr community I have and still adore. I understand the issues and wrongness in my actions, and I'm ready to prove that I can work as a person on this server.

Thank you for your time, I love you Minr.

Has agreed that the above is both honest and truthful:

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Maze Connoisseur
Apr 21, 2014
Your appeal would have been great, however, you appealed early. This isn't necessarily a terrible thing (though a lack of self-restraint is what got you banned in the first place), but attempting to cover up that up by saying you weren't sure of the date or your ban in your appeal. You asserted elsewhere that you knew how long you had to go, yet decided to appeal early anyway, then mislead us about the fact. Furthermore, when questioned, you denied this and lied to me until it was no longer feasible to do so. You say you are ready to prove that you can work as a person on this server, but you've failed at the first hurdle.

As a consequence of your actions, you will not be unbanned now. You must wait three times that which you skipped, then three times more for lying about it. You may re-appeal on the 24th of May. Do not appeal before that date.

We will see you then.


Board Man
Jul 26, 2016
In writing an appeal, you are trying to regain our trust. In lying, even though it was small, you showed that you aren't entirely ready to gain it back. The truth is king here, and accepting all the consequences that your actions might bring is necessary. We all love the server as much as you clearly do, and appealing 10 days early because of an eagerness to get back on isn't something we would shame. At worst, it might result in us not granting it until the appeal was set to be valid, or a couple days after. Speaking the truth here would have been a preferable outcome for everyone. When it comes time to write an appeal again, please remember that the truth, and a full acceptance of the consequences of your actions and words are the keys to convincing us that you are ready to be let back.
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