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Floofz_ Ban Appeal

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Jan 26, 2022
Minecraft Username

How many times have you been banned on minr?
First Ban​
When were you banned
Jan 18, 2022​

Why were you banned?

I will try to be as clear as possible, since the ban was a year ago, I don't really remember exactly what I did, but I can describe everything as clearly as possible.

Before actually telling what I did, I want to apologyze since my first ban appeal (which was a year ago) I ended up lying a little bit about what I did, I can say that I didn't lie at all, but I didn't actually tell the truth.

First of all, I don't remember when I used cheats, I think it was at hc-8 or 7? I only remember that I used fly to skip a lot of parkours and go through levels. I remember that I started at a level where you have to do parkour on a swamp and then go to a well and dig some things with a shovel, then find flowers and give them to a guy on a middle house. I used fly to skip some part of the parkour, and then things got severely worse.
At next levels since I wasnt banned yet, I abused fly a lot, I almost skipped a whole level with fly and didnt even do a single jump, It was really weird and dumb from my part. I also remember that I used x-ray to find solutions to mazzes, for example, at some hc which I actually don't remember which one, you had to find names of gods at a mountain, and since the names appeared once you have found them, I used x-ray to see those names, I don't really remember which names they were or what I did, It was a long time ago and I'm sorry for that.
I think thats all, I dont really remember anything else to be honest, I used fly on a lot of hardcores, maybe 6 or 7, I know that everything started at I think hc-7, which was the one it had a swamp. From there I started using it a lot to skip levels, and it was really dumb from me to do that. I also remember that, I had been kicked from the server because of fly, and I still was using it.

Last but not least, I want to talk about the last day of my playcount on this server, since I think its important to talk about that. To begin with, I was slightly using fly to skip some parkour jumps and avoid to fall and maybe die. I was taking care of not doing it while being mods online, since it would be very obvious for them to see that, and I always was taking care of that every day, from the first day I used fly till the day I got banned, I think mods already knew I was somewhat cheating, since I had some kicks due to fly and very suspicious logs... Well, I was doing a level that was something related to the void or something like that, I remember there were jumps with nether blocks and if you fell you died, and at the finish there was like a meadow with flowers and a river that you followed to beat the level. I remember that the next level was called persona? Or something like that, I know that you had to answer some questions and quizzes and some riddles. And then, when you beat that level there was the final level, where you had to talk with a lot of people and try to decrypt a language or something like that. Well, first of all, when I first got to the end level I used x-ray to try to figure out if there was the answer somewhere and it was. I used it and I got it wrong, probably because it was a bait to catch cheaters like me. Then, since you died at that level for answering incorrectly, you had to go back to the first level I described about parkour with nether blocks at the void. Since I couldn't beat the last level, I was in a loop of beating the void parkour level, then the one of answering puzzles and then the last one. But I have never done it (and to be honest im glad I could't beacause I think It's dissapointing to beat a level like that and beat hc using cheats, just really dissapointing about me doing it...).
One time, when I was doing the void parkour, there was no admins nor mods, so I used fly to beat the level, that was a bad idea, since I got banned from that... I got a new record on that map and I think I got top 3 maybe? I don't remember the top, but I know I got it, 5 seconds after that, I got banned. I think it was mainly because of that and because all my logs, I used fly for maybe 2 weeks and passed a lot of hardcore levels with it.

To finish, I want to apologyze for:
1. My bad english
2. Not making it too clear, since I don't actually remember what I did

Thanks for taking your time to read this, I appreciate it a lot​
Why do you think you should be unbanned?
Sincerely, a lot of time has passed since I got banned, that has helped me to think about this situation and feel regretful for what I did... I've waited this whole year to be able to apply my unban appeal, and I'm giving as many information as I can, since I want to be as sincere as possible. A lot of time has passed since then, and I think I have grown as a person and that I deserve another confidence vote.
I've made a lot of friends on this server and I enjoyed chatting on it, one of my main regretful feelings and thoughts were the people in here, it's really dissapointing to see a good friend of yours cheat, and that's something some friends had experienced with me... It's not a really good feeling and something I'm really embarrassed of... I hope that, despite not being good enough to explain my self or my own feelings, you can understand it.
Sometimes, I had to lie about my ban when I was talking with friends, since it was really embarrassing to tell someone you cheat at a game, It's really dissappointing...
Time has made me more mature, and more responsable of my own acts, I think I will never commit any bad behaviours anymore nor a bad conduct, I really want to be able to play back here and have the fun I had, I really miss it...
I will never cheat again nor do any cheating behaviour, I've grown and changed as a person for good, time makes you realice of your wrong acts, and time has made me see how bad was what I did.
I'm really sorry for making trouble to people and to this server, I apologyze for cheating and for my bad behaviour on this server.
I hope you can understand.
Thanks again, for taking your time and reading this, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Best regards, Floofz​
Has agreed that the above is both honest and truthful:

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Mar 31, 2020
Hey Floofz!

Thanks for appealing! Also thanks for being so honest and transparent about your ban and behaviour leading up to it. You sound really remorseful. I'm excited to give you a second chance along with, I'm guessing, your friend 4miiguel. I hope you two have fun again (while following the rules, of course!!!) You have been unbanned!
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