How to Appeal Bans and Mutes

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Apr 21, 2014
Please read and follow all instructions.

If you were banned very recently (in the last 24 hours), it is advised you take a break. When bans are received, emotions run high and this can aggravate a situation. To improve your appeal, you should wait a day or two to let the emotions subside and allow you to write a calmer and more rational appeal.

If you were provided with a suggested appeal date, it is advised you do not appeal before then.

Patience is a virtue, we have lives, your ban appeal is not our immediate priority. Ban appeals are rigorously investigated. It can be time-consuming and can take days or a week or two for a decision to be made depending on the reason for the ban. If some days have passed you may politely ask for an update.

Please do not post in other people's appeals unless you have relevant information. Your opinion is not relevant information.

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Ban appeal link:
Mute appeal link:

These links can also be accessed from the Tools dropdown menu at the top of the page while logged in.
Not open for further replies.