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ilovecats88 Ban Appeal

Should I be Unbanned?

  • Permanent Ban

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New Fish
Dec 29, 2013
Minecraft Username - ilovecats88

How many times have you been banned? - First time

Which minr server were you banned from? - zero.minr.org

Do you know who banned you? - @No

Why were you banned? - Harassment of other players and sexually inappropriate chat, as the ban message states.

When were you banned? - April 13th 2014

Why do you think you should be unbanned? - I believe I should be unbanned because this ban has really told me to put a stop to this behaviour. Although several mods and ops have told me to stop, I carried on. But as I've said, if I ever got unbanned, I would change my behaviour, and my attitude to warnings. I'm not just going to waste my time and say I didn't do any of these things, as I did, and I know I did. But I would love to have another chance on this server to change my ways and enjoy what minr has to offer. I've had my chances, so if I misbehave again, I understand the consequences.

Also, some of the inappropriate comments were /r and /msg fails, but yes. I have said some of these in public chat.

Thanks, cats.



Custom title
Oct 26, 2013
"Although several mods and ops have told me to stop, I carried on. But as I've said, if I ever got unbanned, I would change my behaviour, and my attitude to warnings."

Bad argument. You're saying that you would know to stop after you get unbanned? Why do we have to ban you first before you actually listen to us?

"I've had my chances, so if I misbehave again, I understand the consequences."

Yes, you've had your chances. But have you considered that this IS the consequence? If the banner makes this a permaban, there obviously will be no more misbehaving from you.

I can't say that I like your appeal. It makes it seem that you knew you were doing wrong this entire time - and that you just take it for granted that you'll be unbanned. What a horrible attitude. I've warned, muted, and kicked you countless times. The ban is the follow-up to countless mistakes on your part, and perhaps it shouldn't be revoked. You know better. That, and the banning person probably can tell the difference between a /msg fail and an intentional post.


New Fish
Apr 13, 2014
I promise that these messages were not intentional, and yes, I know I've been doing wrong the whole time, but I think this would be the right opportunity to turn my behaviour round and maybe have a fresh start on zero.


New Fish
Dec 29, 2013
Sorry about the previous comment, Miss was having problems making her account, so asked if I could make one for her, I obviously forgot to log out.


Minr Admin
Oct 28, 2013
"Also, some of the inappropriate comments were /r and /msg fails,"
I'm aware of those, and if that were all that was there then it might be excusable, but there is just so much more that we found.

This is just an excerpt of what we could find out of the past 2 weeks:

[2014-04-08] [16:57:24] [Server thread/INFO]: [0;36;1m ilovecats88: [0;37;1mi am a testicle[m
[2014-04-08] [16:58:03] [Server thread/INFO]: ilovecats88 issued server command: /m gets seducively licked in face by friend

[2014-04-11] [19:07:38] [Server thread/INFO]: [0;36;1m ilovecats88: [0;37;1mbreathe with me *sex noise*[m
[2014-04-11] [19:07:49] [Server thread/INFO]: [0;36;1m ilovecats88: [0;37;1mbreathe with me *louder sex noise*[m

[2014-04-05] [17:11:29] [Server thread/INFO]: [0;36;1m ilovecats88: [0;37;1mDick alert.[m
[2014-04-05] [17:11:57] [Server thread/INFO]: [0;36;1m ilovecats88: [0;37;1mMT came on xDD[m

[2014-03-29] [10:12:54] [Server thread/INFO]: [0;36;1m ilovecats88: [0;37;1mFuck off.[m

That fact that we could find stuff like this in just the past 2 weeks makes me shudder to think of how many times you got away with offenses in chat. As Yeroc says above, this is the summation of all the numerous warnings, kicks, and mutes that have led up to this point.

In short, appeal denied.

P.S. You can tell MissDino to not bother with an appeal either, as the reasoning for both the bans was the same, and what she said in chat and to others was MUCH worse.
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